Hultafors axe

As part of the head-forging process, the steel axe head is struck multiple times, thereby increasing its density and . Rapporter et annet bilde Rapporter det støtende bildet. The steel is stuck several times, increasing its density and thereby the durability of the axe. It takes many blows of a hammer to process the axe steel, but this improves its density and makes the axe more durable.

Finn beste pris og les anmeldelser – vi hjelper deg å velge rett. HULTAFORS – Felling Axe For felling and debranching smaller trees.

Professionals who use their hands. After all, they know best when tool is as convenient as possible. COME WITH A 1 AUSTRALIAN BACKED WARRANTY . This method is costly, but it increases the density of the steel, thereby also improving the axes. The axe has been manufactured in blasted and clear- lacquered ironwork, which also makes it suitable for work in the garden.

High carbon steel, Heart wood Hickory handle. Fine, high quality Axe well made, beautifully balanced and ready for work in the Northern Forest. Great for firewood and wood . With its center of gravity located at the gripping point, this axe is superbly balanced for control and to help minimize fatigue when hewing.

Hultafors axes are crafted by hand. Axe head has clear tempered zone allowing for sharpening of the axe without detracting from the strength of the edge. There are very few manufacturers in the world with craftsmen who still command . Wykonana ze szwedzkiej stali węglowej, ręcznia kuty. Mocny trzonek z drewna Hikory.

At Hults Bruk in the County of Ostergotland their Blacksmiths are among the few in the World who still master the craft. The Classic axes are forged by hand for high quality axe steel and . See more ideas about Bushcraft axe, Gransfors bruks axe and Viking axe. Ideal for outdoor life in forests and . All axe heads are forged from steel that is struck many times, increasing the density and therefore the durability of the axe. Small and practical, the Classic Trekking Axe is excellent for general use in the outdoors and can tackle most jobs beautifully.

Specifically, I will be reviewing the 850g, 500mm axe. It has a 1lb hea and and overall length of 15″. The additional length provides more leverage, and coupled with the kind of performance you can only achieve with a hand-forged hea will throw large chips and rapidly . Every axe is expertly hand-forged and crafte a time-honoured tradition preserved by Hults Bruk craftsmen.

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