Coverage includes molecular-, organism-, community -and ecosystem-level studies dealing with limnology and oceanography, including systematics . Ingen informasjon er tilgjengelig for denne siden. We welcome molecular-, organism-, community- and ecosystem-level studies in contributions dealing with limnology and oceanography, including systematics . Citation Style TerAuthor-Year. Bibliography Sort Order: Author-Year-Title.

A wide range of papers is publishe including ecology, physiology, biogeograph.

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Trophic dynamics in turbid and clear-water lakes with special emphasis on the role of zooplankton for water clarity. Phosphorus in the sediment of the Loosdrecht Lakes and its implications for lake restoration perspectives. Importance of intermediate disturbances for species composition and diversity of phytoplankton in two very different Berlin lakes.

Some notes about the Intermediate Disturbance Hypothesis and its effects on . Integrated Assessment of Running Waters in Europe.

Algal assemblage types of bog-lakes in Hungary and their relation to water chemistry, hydrological conditions and habitat diversity. The paper was a joint effort with Hanna Luhtala, Harri Tolvanen and Risto Kalliola from the section of Geography, University of Turku. Academic Search Premier . The international journal on limnology and marine sciences.

Back volumes and back issues available from Periodicals Service Company (PSC). Number, Quality, Overall rating, Outcome. Assistant Professor in . When do beetles and bugs fly? A unified scheme for describing seasonal flight behaviour of highly dispersing primary aquatic insects. Sedimentary multiproxy response to hydroclimatic variability in Lagunillo del Tejo (Spain).

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