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Electric Ice Drill Adapter for use with electric augers Stainless steel construction for durability. Ice Drill is a specialized drill used to quickly bore through ice, assisting hunters in reaching deeper depths of the Iceberg. Cutters Nordic in Ice Auger Replacement Blades . There are four types of ice drills available at either the Slushy Shoreline or Iceberg General Store, as shown in the table below.

Each drill can skip feet of the Iceberg per charge used. It drills fast and with ease, and makes for a very lightweight ice auger system. The oldest continuous ice core records extend to 130years in Greenlan and 800years in Antarctica. Ice cores are typically drilled by means of either a mechanical or thermal drill. Both types of drills incise an annulus, or circle, around a central, vertical core.

A mechanical drill is simply a rotating pipe, or drill barrel, . The Rapid Access Ice Drill (RAID) will drill a borehole through deep Antarctic ice, and core into the glacial bed and bedrock below. Standard shipping is 3-business days. Item is not eligible for ship-to -store delivery. A street address is required for delivery.

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This drill has a powerful commercial-grade four-stroke engine and is low maintenance. As the innovators of the first ice auger engine designed specifically to harness the full potential of propane, we had a great platform to build from. We paired our high-compression engine with a new high-spee all-metal transmission to . Here is a collection of half ice drills broken down by category. You asked for it, and we made it happen!

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Ice Drilling Program conducts integrated planning for the ice drilling science and technology communities, and provides drilling technology and operational support that enables the community to advance the frontiers of climate and environmental science.