Bufret Lignende Oversett denne siden 24. The definition of indeterminate is something vague or not established. When no one is sure what caused a fire to start, this is an example of when the cause is indeterminate. Definition of indeterminate – not exactly known, establishe or define (of a shoot) not having all the axes terminating in a flower bud and so potentially of.

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Certain forms of limits are said to be indeterminate when merely knowing . When someone contracts a rare stomach parasite but has not been traveling internationally, you might say it had indeterminate origins. English dictionary definition of indeterminate. Not precisely determine determinable, or established: a person of indeterminate age. What does indeterminate mean in law? Meaning of indeterminate as a legal term.

Both indeterminate and indeterminable are derived from the Late Latin word indeterminabilis which means cannot be define and from the prefix in- . Indeterminable is an adjective, indeterminably is the related adverb.

The : indeterminate CSS pseudo-class represents any form element whose state is indeterminate. The root wor determine, means to establish something. The range of prison sentences a court can give – including suspende fixed-term , indeterminate and life sentences.

Define indeterminate (adjective) and get synonyms. What is indeterminate ( adjective)? The indeterminate function has a dual role.

If you do not like the name indeterminate , and would . Not accurately determined or determinable. The limit of an expression involving multiple functions can often be evaluated by taking the limits of these functions separately. Plants go from spring until frost, producing fruit on long vines that can easily grow feet or taller. All our plant tags identify whether a variety is indeterminate or determinate (bear within a shorter time, on shorter vines). PURPOSE: To retrospectively review imaging characteristics of indeterminate computed tomographic (CT) pulmonary angiograms for pulmonary embolism (PE ) and patient outcome.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: Investigational review board approval was obtaine informed consent was waive and the study was HIPAA . Statically indeterminate structures are over-restrained in the sense that there are more force unknowns than available equilibrium equations. IN-deh-TER-mih-nut): A negative test result in an individual where a clearly deleterious mutation has not been found in any family members. The genetic risk status of such an individual must be interpreted in the context of his or her personal and family history. Also called inconclusive and uninformative.

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Learn about determinate vs. Of growth: the condition in which the terminal bud persists and produces successive lateral branches. Ellifelet 2 Tel Aviv, Israel.