Infernal axe

The infernal axe is a special axe that requires level Woodcutting to use. Ay Scott, Jagex has spoken to me. It is time for me to finally max with this QOL update.

Infernal Axe One Hand Axes Physical Damage: 51–85. Critical Strike Chance: 5.

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Asmodeus was aware of the weapon that turned Dracius and wanted to create something of that level of power as . Credits== Original Model: Uschtenheim Particles: Richard Re-texturing: Richard Custom Sound. Showing 1-of comments. Steam Workshop: Left Dead 2. Watch the whole video to see my strategy. This mech can also counter Meltdown Hammer because of 160.

This was purely hand-trained and has no blackmarks or infractions. Maximizing woodcutting efficiency. Level Level 10 Level 150. New unique infernal axe – Softcore.

He fell when something hard and sharp hit him in the head. Stunne he rolled onto his back and stared up into the furious face of the woman Buffy had rushed out of the cafeteria. She had clobbered him with the infernal axe ! WTS a very good roll of Dyadus infernal Axe Unique item.

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