An infiltrometer is a device used to measure the rate of water infiltration into soil or other porous media. Commonly used infiltrometers are single-ring and double- ring infiltrometers , and also disc permeameters. A single-ring infiltrometer. Infiltrometeret kan benyttes til måling av infiltrasjonsevne i ulike jordarter i forbindelse med grunnundersøkelser for infiltrasjon av avløpsvann.

I jordarter med høy vannledningsevne vil testen imidlertid kreve store vannmengder.

I slike jordarter bør derfor andre metoder benyttes. Måling med infiltrometer kan . Instruction video on the use of the Eijkelkamp double ring infiltrometer. The double ring infiltrometer is a. Saturated hydraulic conductivity is one of the most important soil hydrophysical characteristics.

The rings are partially inserted into the soil and filled with water, after which the speed of infiltration is measured. Double ring infiltrometer is used for infiltration research, soil permeability research and irrigation research. The Turf-Tec Infiltrometer is a field instrument to measure the rate of water infiltration on all areas.

The Double-Ring Infiltrometer is designed to meet standards for conducting infiltration of water into soils in the field. It consists of two (2) stainless steel rings, measuring and diameter x high. The rings incorporate a welde double edge on the top for increased stability when driving them into the soil.

The SATURO Infiltrometer does almost everything for you. Install the ring, connect the hoses, and push “start”. The infiltrometer automatically measures infiltration rates, and the control unit calculates saturated hydraulic conductivity (Kfs) on the.

The infiltration rate is determinated as the amount of water per surface area and time unit, which penetrates the soils. Tension infiltrometers are designed to measure the unsaturated hydraulic properties of soils. Water is allowed to infiltrate soil at a rate, which is slower than when water is ponded on the soil surface. This is accomplished by maintaining a small negative pressure on the water as it moves out of the infiltrometer disc into the . Drive double ring infiltrometer 6-in.

Be sure the rings are level. Add water to a desired depth in both rings. Measure the amount of water infiltrated after every min in the first hour, minutes for the second hour, and minutes for the remaining time (at least hours).

Ring installation and Mariotttube details. Report form for infiltration test. Infiltration rates for different types of soils, as measured by infiltrometer rings in third hour of a wet .

Cornell Sprinkle Infiltrometer. Soil infiltrability is an important soil quality indicator, as it has important agricultural and environmental implications and is strongly affected by land management practices. Measurement of soil infiltrability is generally done through ponded ring infiltration or simulated rainfall, each having specific . Abstract—The of field experiments with ring-type infiltrometers are reported. In filtration rates obtained with the rings were compared to the infiltration rates obtained by flooding the entire area to determine the number of ring measurements required to characterize the infiltration rate of the area.


The Double Ring Infiltrometer is the only EPA approved instrument of its kind available commercially. With the Double Ring Infiltrometer , it is easy to test several . This paper compares the of several single-ring, double-ring and larger scale infiltration test in an effort to evaluate the validity of the Bouwer et al. Single-ring Infiltrometer Method with Lateral Correction.