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If you want to start a strawberry farm in the desert, irrigation will be necessary. Definition of irrigation – the supply of water to land or crops to help growth, typically by means of channels, the process of washing out an organ or wound. It can take a number of different. Looking for online definition of irrigation in the Medical Dictionary?

Meaning of irrigation medical term.

What does irrigation mean? Staying the course (Everyday idioms in newspapers). Ancient civilizations in many parts of the world practiced irrigation. In fact, civilization would probably not be possible without some form of irrigation. The earliest form of irrigation probably involved people carrying buckets of water from wells or rivers to pour on their crops.

As better techniques develope societies in Egypt . Video shows what irrigation means.

From Middle French irrigation , from Latin irrigatio. Available under CC-BY-SA license. Learn its definition and uses for a sustainable and environmentally friendly farm. It is carried out by spraying water under pressure (spray irrigation ) or by pumping water onto the land (flood irrigation ). Source Publication: Glossary of Environment Statistics, Studies in Methods, . Irrigation systems are critically important.

Now, picture how your plants look on such a hot day. They probably look wilted and not so great. The answer is water, just like you! English, psychology and medical dictionaries.

Borrowed from Middle French irrigation , from Latin irrigatio. In vast country like India with . It is practiced by more than half the farmers in the world because they need more water for their crops than is available from rainfall. Modern irrigation and the associated practice of drainage, together. Pronunciation: secondarystress ir- schwa – primarystress g amacr -sh schwa n.

Function: noun : an act or process of irrigating. Help Contact Us Privacy Policy Copyright Notice. Water is the most important element for the growth of plants. Different types of plants require different quantities of water at different times during their growing period. Water is supplied to the plants through direct rain or flood waters of the rivers which inundate large land areas during floods.

Evapotranspiration Rate (ET) is a long word for a simple concept. Simply put, ET is how much water your plants use, or that you need to replace to keep it all green. Watering more than this is a waste of money and water.

Weather stations monitor several different climatic factors. They then take this data and calculate ET. Definition of IRRIGATION : The operation of watering lands for agricultural purposes by artificial means.

An irrigation system for sloping land in which parallel levees are built and the area between . A sprinkler irrigation system suited to small or rectangular fields, with a wheeled mechanism for moving the irrigation towers or pipes from one end to the opposite end of the field.