Job’s tears

It is native to Southeast Asia but elsewhere is cultivated in gardens as an annual. It has been naturalized in the southern United States . But the plant has also been used for centuries in folk medicine to treat dozens of conditions from arthritis to smallpox. Its pharmaceutical name is Semen Coicis Lachrymajobi of the family Gramineae. This particular annual grass is indigenous to south-east Asia and grows to a height of .

These wide arching stems add graceful interest to the garden. Learn more in this article. Wandering through the gallery, I was particularly struck by a truly lovely drawing which turned out, inevitably, to be by Leonardo da Vinci. Forms of the plant are cultivated as a cereal crop in . Is it an herb, grain, vegetable, or ornamental bead? This easy-to-grow plant is all these things and more!

They are tear-shaped (surprise!) and a lovely, variegated gray color. A five-step guide to knowing, understanding and making drinks with the grain.

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The drie gray beads are strung into necklaces throughout tropical regions of the world. Mine eye poureth out tears unto God. It would be interesting to know who first conceived the idea of stringing brightly colored seeds and using them for personal adornment. This much we may be sure of: that person was a member of the fair sex.

Perhaps on the morning on that. In its native environment it is grown in higher areas where rice and corn do not grow well. The plant is used as a minor cereal and fodder.

A member of the Poaceae (grass) family, it is quite a fascinating plant. A tall cereal grass cultivated in Asia and Africa, but rarely found in the Western world. Latin names: Semen coicis lachryma-jobi, Coix lachryma jobi L. Sets pendulous sprays of globular pearly purple-grey seeds, the tears, which may be strung as beads for necklaces.

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Find it at health food stores and Asian markets. While the salad stands before serving, the warm vinaigrette will slightly tenderize the thinly shaved vegetables. If you use a mandoline to slice . The surface of the grain is white and glossy with tawny remnant peel occasionally.

One end is blunt roun the other end is a little dent with light maple dot shape umbilici.