Joint industry project

In collaboration with our customers, we run joint industry projects (JIPs) to develop new solutions, standards and recommended practices that add value by solving industry challenges. Joint Industry Projects. A joint industry project (JIP) is a work programme of mutual interest to a number of organisations each contributing to fund the work.

They were previously known as group-sponsored projects (GSPs). Typically, each project has between three and ten sponsors.

Search JIP latest and archived news and articles. Примеры перевода, содержащие „ joint industry project “ – Русско-английский словарь и система поиска по миллионам русских переводов. Shared problem, shared benefits.

Together we look for a solution to a specific problem requiring fundamental or applied research. The goal of a JIP is to gain knowledge or knowhow based on a concerted . Endeavor Management Drafts Subsea Decom JIP. Aiming to increase the efficiency of collecting site conditions, the new JIP will work with stakeholders from across the wind industry.

Dutch Explore Use of Gravity-Based Structures on Future OWFs. JIP, JNK-Interacting Protein. This joint industry project with The Welding Institute (TWI) brings together research and development efforts alongside real-world additive manufacturing practices to create new industry product certification guidelines – paving the way for more widespread adoption of the additive manufacturing technology.

The ultimate aim is to produce a single source of quality information . Kamy Sepehrnoori, Principal Investigator. Research activities include the development, testing, verification and application of reservoir simulators for oil and gas recovery processes. The following research topics will be investigated in the project. The first two research topics are . The University of Tulsa has worked with industry partners for more than years, resulting in research consortia and joint industry projects (JIPs). No more trial and error.

Redefining Unconventional. With the approval of PetroVietnam. COfrom several gas fields, which have a COcontent of 1-, is removed from the production stream to meet the sales gas export specification of 0. Rather than vent the separated COto . The innovative concept is called .

Bufret Oversett denne siden 30. This project will focus on improving the way operational limits of access vessels and equipment are characterised in OM modelling. The state-of- the-art approach of only considering significant wave height and wind . Thursday evening a dinner will be held and technical presentations on Friday.

The Flow Assurance and Scale Team (FAST), under Principal Investigators Professors Eric Mackay and Ken Sorbie, has recently relaunched the 6th Phase of its industry funded research project , with eight contracts currently being signed with industry funders, and with other potential sponsors engaged in . C-FER supports operating companies and equipment vendors in applied research and development projects that address broad industry challenges. Combining funding contributions from multiple industry participants allows larger initiatives and brings broader industry experience to the table to help direct and disseminate .