Juncus effusus spiralis

The young, leafless stems are light green and coile with . Easily grown in moist to wet soils in full sun to part shade. Performs well in standing water to 4” deep, but will also grow well in garden soils as long as the soils are in fact kept consistently moist. Plants will spread in the landscape by rhizomes and by self-seeding. Rhizomatous spread may be . This ornamental grass is suitable for water gardens or bogs.

The main attraction of this plant is the corkscrew shaped grass which can be used in cut . These beautiful plants grow best in full sun to part shade. They would make excellent additions to your rare plant . This small rush borders curiosity, but will do very well as a low groundcover to accent other broad-leaved shade plants. Foliage Color, Dark Green.

Light Needs, Partial Sun. Cold Hardiness: Corkscrew Rush tolerates the heat of USDA zone but there is some disagreement on the level of cold hardiness it possesses with various authorities listing it as cold . Discover the beautiful perennials and graceful grasses grown by Santa Rosa Gardens. Plants and garden accessories available for mail -order throughout the United States.

Join our friendly community that shares tips and ideas for gardens, along with seeds and plants. Very popular, unique plant. Juncus effusus Spiralis. Also extremely winter hardy.

The plant prefers abundant moisture (to inches under the water to the root is ok), but any soft rush will perform surprisingly well in average garden . Perennial corkscrew rush makes an excellent plant for use near a water feature, in container gardens or even as an indoor specimen. Try growing corkscrew rush anywhere that plentiful water is . It appears that Great Neck, New York is in Zones 6b to 7a, so the plant should certainly survive outside. According to this Floridata . Tight cylindrical coils uncoil as they grow out in all directions.

Common name: Soft Rush, Common Rush.