Juncus is a genus of monocotyledonous flowering plants, commonly known as rushes. Juncus_effusus Bufret Lignende Oversett denne siden Juncus effusus, with the common names common rush or soft rush, is a perennial herbaceous flowering plant species in the family Juncaceae. In North America, the common name soft rush also refers to Juncus interior. Rushes favor the edges of ponds, bogs, and low, moist areas.

They do well in boggy soils and are also reliable growers under fluctuating water conditions.

Get watering tips for this indoor plant from the experts at Costa Farms. This is a true rush that will grow to as much as tall. It is one of the true rushes. It may be found in fresh- or saltwater wet areas.

Soft rush provides food and nesting to birds and other wildlife. Blomsterstanden er oftest et åpent knippe med blekt brune blomster, 1½-mm lange. Lyssiv vokser på fuktig beitemark, i eng og grøfter.

Dette er en nesten kosmopolittisk art som forekommer i en rekke raser. Planten er ikke kalkkrevende. I Europa (og Norge) finnes rasen Juncus effusus ssp.

I Kina brukes en annen . Juncus ( Juncus spp.) grows in wet soil in ponds, streams or near backyard water features. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones through 9. Some varieties produce fountains of upright green to pale green grass . Juncus ×diffusus Hoppe) but the hybrid is not abundant and is unlikely to influence interpretation of the distribution of the species. Two varieties are widely recognised but there is little information on differences in their distribution or ecology, for example the apparent . Leaves flat (may be inrolled when dried), 6. Other Common Names: Japanese mat rush. Growth Habit: Graminoid. An Australian native, Juncus usitatus is common along the waterways of the Murray-Darling Basin.

While it can be a nuisance in poorly drained pastures its fine, arching stems have led to its use in landscaping and wetland rehabilitation. Due to its adaptation to waterlogged soil it can be an early indicator of .

One of them is native and found in all New England states, while the other is introduce and found only in Massachusetts, Maine and Rhode Island. There are two subspecies of common soft rush in New England. Various Native American peoples used common soft rush for tying, binding and weaving.

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