The name simply means East, Orient (literally sunrise) and it loosely includes the territory of the Sasanian Empire east of Persia proper. Early Islamic usage often . Navnet ble gitt til den østlige provinsen i Persia under sasanide-imperiet. Khorāsān , also spelled Khurasan, historical region and realm comprising a vast territory now lying in northeastern Iran, southern Turkmenistan, and northern Afghanistan.

The historical region extende along the north, from the Amu Darya (Oxus River) westward to the Caspian Sea an along the south, from the fringes of . However, some analysts are perturbed by the lack of information about the group and why it was targeted.

Even an examination of one of the most basic elements of the group . Det er uklart om dette er en egen gruppe, eller mer en celle tilknyttet al-Qaidas gruppering i . Get the Mashhad weather forecast. Access hourly, day and day forecasts along with up to the minute reports and videos for Mashha Iran from AccuWeather. It concludes with an analysis of the opportunities . Find what to do today, this weeken or in January. The Persians appear to have been the first ethnic group to populate the.

As the Islamic State terrorist organization commands attention with its cold- blooded tactics of rape and murder, another group of violent extremists in Syria considers itself tougher — and actually may have more ambition to attack the United States. Steder, Mandag, Tirsdag, Onsdag.

The attack killed more than people and injured over 2others in Deh Mazang Square in . Intelligence officials and analysts say the group exists and is dangerous. Khorasan is a region in the north-east of Iran. A term from Islamic history that . AP that the jihadist group was stocked with al Qaeda veterans and was plotting imminent . DW looks at the historical and religious import of a geographical area that once covered many present-day nations. The sudden flurry of revelations about the group in the past two weeks smacks of strategic leaks and political spin.

Initially dismissed as propaganda by most observers and official sources – like ISAF and members of . Search, listen, download. The city of Herat in western Afghanistan long sat at the edge of empires and served as a hub for trade and a conduit for armies. Yet it has been much more than simply a staging post or plaything of political ambition.

It has been an imperial capital, a city of extraordinary wealth, and has played host to a cultural renaissance to . It was in the 19th century, during the reign of the Qajars, that the frontiers as we know them today, were established. And on Tuesday, US officials were describing the group as an imminent threat on . The following information is based on . They recount Islamic and Gnostic poems and epics containing mythological, historical or legendary themes. The strikes, which came alongside U. Monday night targeted the militants.

ISIS targets in Syria overnight, they also carried out a separate mission targeting what the Pentagon said were “seasoned al Qaeda veterans” allegedly plotting an attack on American interests.