It is firm, with a color ranging from a green to reddish brown or purple, . Kumato (Solanum lycopersicum) er en ny tomatsort som dyrkes i Spania. Opprinnerlig kommer den fra Galapagos. Den er run liten til middelsstor, og har et skinnende brunrødt skall.

I took the Kumato home, sliced and salted it, and made my mother and brother my guinea pigs.

We all agreed that it was just as sweet and tasty, if not sweeter, than a regular tomato. I have always liked the idea of mixing multicolored tomatoes in salads, but have found that orange and yellow tomatoes are usually blander . It may not look particularly appealing, but this tomato could soon be appearing in our summer salads. The Kumato , as it is calle originates . It delivers a complex flavor that is succulent, sweet, and slightly tart.

And no, the brown tone is not due to genetically modified whatevers. Everything I would usually use a red tomato in, I use a kumato as they noticeably enhance the taste, Ms.

When dark brownish-red with no green in sight, the flavor is mild and is best used for cooking. When brownish in color and brushed with re. This is my latest obsession that finds its way into every dinner salad.

Introducing, the Kumato ! Radiating with robust richness, they are bold and authentic in flavour . The kumato , dark in appearance and bursting with flavour, is no ordinary kind of tomato. Here are facts about the super tasty kumato. Looking at the black tomatoes , also known as kumatos tomatoes , do not be intimidated by its color and strange appearance, these black tomatoes could have great potential to prevent muc . Never heard of a black tomato? Well, the kumato is just as versatile as its scarlet- skinned relatives. Kumato Tomatoes, Homebush, New South Wales, Australia.

Join the Australian Kumato lovers army. The tomato was developed over six years by Damien Flores, a Spanish grower in Aguilas, southern Spain (1km from Murcia) for Syngenta Seeds Europe. Have you spotted those dark green-brown tomatoes?

See more ideas about Tomatoes, Salads and Dinner recipes. You Say Tomato, I Say Kumato.

At first glance, the Kumato may strike you as odd. Actually, it is a sort of amalgamation of brown, green and re giving it a look that may appear less than appetizing to many who like their tomatoes red and only red. One of the hardest parts of growing tomatoes is waiting for them to ripen. Of course, you can use green tomatoes in some recipes, a la “Fried Green Tomatoes”, but most recipes call for juicy, ripe tomatoes. Join our friendly community that shares tips and ideas for gardens, along with seeds and plants.

It developed over six years by Damien Flores, a Spanish grower in Aguilas, southern Spain (1km from Murcia) for by Syngenta Seeds Europe. The company was looking for a tomato that would grow in salty soil. Porta Kakouros, the first kumato grower in Australia, says the brown tomato has a stronger flavour than red tomatoes with a sweeter, crisper taste.

Check out tomato kumato 500g punnet at woolworths. Yes, I have tried the Kumato and saved seed from it and made crosses. Also, I have developed many tomato varieties of a similar color independently using the recombination of green and red tomato breeding.

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