Lamb’s lettuce

It is used raw in salads as well as steamed and served as a vegetable. Valerianella locusta is a small annual plant that is eaten as a leaf vegetable. It has a characteristic nutty flavor, dark green color, and soft texture, and is popularly served as salad greens.

Find out more about this lettuce variety online at Tesco Real Food. There are about different varieties.

A salad green that has small dark green, velvety leaves with a rich, sweet flavor, similar to hazelnut. Corn salads, also known as Lambs Lettuce or Mâche are unusual salad crops because they are very cold hardy and grow best during the autumn and winter. They can be picked outdoors between November and J. But no, apparently this little vegetable . The large leaves can be used raw in salads, as an herb for flavoring or cooked like spinach.

Corn Salad is a hardy plant, but it does not do well in very hot weather and is best grown using . As a consequence the collection has not yet been extensively described by characterization and evaluation data, nor has it so far . Of course, this green has many identities and what you call it depends a lot on where you buy it.

In France and in most American grocery stores it goes by the name mâche (pronounced mahsh), . Also known as mâche, corn sala field salad and rapunzel, as in the fairy tale. The small leaves sit in rosettes which can be placed whole in salads. The flavor is strong and nutty, a bit like cress. Salad Leaves Lambs Lettuce Valentin Seeds ONLY £1. Easy, mild salad leaves.

The entire floret of leaves is eaten. A sure sign of freshness is when the outside leaves are green, too. Choose from hour delivery slots and collect Nectar points. Culture: Similar to lettuce.

Corn salad does best in a wind-sheltered site in full sun or light shade with a deep, fertile soil. I was happy with my last delivery of this lettuce. It kept well in the fridge for a few days and provided us with a welcome alternative to green lettuce.

This variety is an old French variety that is well known as a winter salad ingredient. One of our major products is Lambs Lettuce , also known as corn salad or mache. Lambs Lettuce is so-called as it resembles the tongues of Lambs, but it does also grow very nicely through this time of year, we . Can be gathered when three or four leaves have forme or given protection from frost with straw or bracken.

Grows well in pots, keeping lower leaves clean. Sow outdoors mid August to end of September in succession. I think the Schwiizerdütsch (Swiss German dialect) name for it is the best though: Nüsslisalat . And when the weather really turns in it can successfully be grown under cloches or similar . In a small bowl, combine red wine vinegar, freshly squeezed orange juice, sweetener and sea salt. Mix with salad ingredients.

Sprinkle with pink peppercorns. Garnish with toasted nuts or seeds. Katja Meier is a trained dietician and . It is a combination of lambs lettuce topped with warm roasted pumpkin or squash, drizzled with a beautiful dressing and sprinkled with toasted pumpkin seeds.

You may want to substitute the lambs lettuce with another lettuce, although I must say the combination works beautifully. It originated in Eurasia.