Nearly all laterites are of rusty-red coloration, because of high iron oxide content. They develop by intensive and long-lasting weathering of the underlying parent rock. Definition and physical.

It forms in tropical and subtropical regions where the climate is humid. However, not all laterites are enriched in iron and sometimes they are not even reddish. Some lateritic rocks (bauxite) are mined . Laterite is a reddish weathering product of basalt. Found mainly in hot, wet tropical areas, it develops by intensive and long-lasting weathering of the underlying parent rock. Informations on laterites , bauxites and lateritic ores.

The word laterite has been derived from the Latin word that means brick. The laterite soil is formed under conditions of high temperature . Our teams specialize in econometrics and program evaluation methods. LATERITE meaning – LATERITE pronunciation. He specializes in operations management, field logistics and the training of survey teams. The term laterite includes a variety of materials.

Clarkedefines laterite as essentially a mixture of ferric hydroxide, . Red residual soil developed in humi tropical, and subtropical regions of good drainage. It is leached of silica and contains concentrations particularly of iron oxides and . Of the various soil types that occur in the tropics and sub- tropics, laterites are of special interest in conjunction with building construction. These are highly weathered soils, which contain large, though extremely variable , proportions of iron and aluminium oxides, as well as quartz and other minerals. In consistency it is generally soft and friable, but hard masses, nodules and bands often occur in it.

Origin, occurrence, and correct identification of latente rock and soil are briefly discussed. The peculiar properties of latente soils are outlined and suggested methods of dealing with them are indicated. In some places potential laterite -crust soils can be used in some kind of agriculture or forestry, but in other places the land may have no agricultural value. INTERPRETATIONS AND CONCLUSIONS The sites and samples describe analyze and discussed in this bulletin show that materials identified in the field as laterite.

Review of Specifications for the. InfraAfrica (Pty) Lt Botswana. Frank Netterberg, South Africa. Sometimes a perched water table is encountered above a laterite formation.

Landforms Lateritization commonly occurs in the soil profiles of a plain, plateau, . Stabilization of laterite soils. Engineering pedology in laterite -soil stabilization. Significance of soil type and compositional factors in laterite -soil stabilization.

English dictionary definition of laterite. A red residual soil formed by the leaching of silica and by the enrichment with aluminum and iron oxides, especially in humid climates.