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Download Media (PDF), Download page of all divisions, Download page of Agriculture, Download page of General Industry, Download page of Metallurgical Industry, Download page of Environmental Technologies and Service. The water is fed axially via a bore hole and split over a cone in a thin liquid film. In the mixing chamber this thin film of liquid is atomized of the atomizing air in fine droplets. Subsequently, the resultant gas-liquid mixture is atomized a second time as . Spray tips can have a big impact on your crop yields, plant health, and of course, your bottom line. We offer the most comprehensive range of nozzles and spray systems available to industries worldwide.

Our products are used for applications in chemical manufacturing, food and beverage processing, air pollution control, and steel mills.

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Particular importance is attached here to increasing product quality and using more rational production methods. Nozzle and spraying technology offers many different, often surpri- singly effective, possi- bilities of performing such tasks.

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