Revolutionary new designed axe. Bufret Lignende Oversett denne siden LeverAxe USA – Official Webshop and Distributor. LeverAxe is the fastest, safest, and most effective way to split wood.

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Finnish invention LEVERAXE is an efficient tool for splitting firewood. Inventor comes up with first redesign of the axe in 0years – a curved blade that stops itself swinging straight. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

The oldest tool known to mankind – reimagine reinvente reborn. An ingenious patented axe of Finnish design. New innovation for chopping firewood – it works as a lever!

Made and Designed in Finland.

Available with an Ash or composite handle. Disse øksene representerer finsk kvalitet, design og innovasjon. Det lange skaftet bidrar også til sikkerheten.

Humans have been using axes for a very long time, in fact, recently scientists discovered the earliest known axe in Australia, created up to 40years ago. If there is one way to make someone appear . På hoggestabben kan det med fordel festes et bildekk, som holder veden samlet. The head is attached from the side, not the center, which alters its center of gravity. When the ax hits the woo the head twists in your hands and for a brief moment the sharp edge of the ax becomes a lever, . Shop truper leveraxe steel splitting axe with 36-in hickory handle in the axes section of Lowes.

Leveraxe er litt lettere enn Leveraxe 1. You have an axe head and a handle. This Finnish -made axe can be swung like a regular axe, but has an asymmetrical cutting head. Its innovated design produces a levering action as it sinks into the wood. This allows for less force to split the wood compared to traditional axes. Giving the users more safety, spee and enjoyment.

Less force is required to split the wood compared to traditional axes.

The hook on the back of the axe is a brake. This feature stops the axe on top of the woo . The Clever Way to Split Wood. Thanks to its design and to the laws of physics, the axe twists slightly as it strikes the tree, which makes it automatically shape the firewood right from the first swing of the axe. With the traditional axe you are almost always required to strike near the middle of the log. Hitting closer to the edge would be dangerous because it is too easy to miss the log or the axe will bounce wildly from a non-centred strike.

The axe is one of the oldest tools known to mankin and its basic design typically changes very little. Fatica, was an Italian craftsman with exceptional . Coming soon to New Zealand.