Litchi fruit

Det er et tropisk frukttre, som fins i Sør-Kina, India, nord i Vietnam, Indonesia og på Filippinene. A tall evergreen tree, the lychee bears small fleshy fruits. Since the perfume-like flavor is lost in the process of canning, the fruit is usually eaten fresh.

Lychee contains many phytochemicals. Sometimes known as litchi or a similar spelling variation, the exotic lychee fruit is from the soapberry family.

Each contains white flesh and a single, large,. Did you know that in ancient China, gifting litchi. This juicy, flavourful fruit is a favourite for many but some disturbing news about poisonous litchis has turned many fans away. Three years later, scientists and experts may have an explanation to why this happened? Protect from cancer, tumor, diabetes, heart.

A close relative to the rambutan and longan, the lychee is the ultimate summer fruit you never knew you needed. While it might be tough to find fresh lychees at your local .

It has rough skin outside while contains juicy flesh inside. The flavour of the fresh . This is one of the few fruits , which is being longing by all age group young to old. It is used as medicine in China.

Both have white flesh, contain a big seed as their center, and have a red and bumpy outer skin. But despite their similarities, these fruits are quite different in terms of taste and nutritional profiles. India have found that consumption of litchi fruit and skipping evening meal can result in very low blood glucose level and acute encephalopathy, seizures and coma, and causes death in many cases. Read about company and get contact details and address.

It was available for purchase through Aurora’s Whole. Litchi was an exotic fruit from Shou Lung. This fruit gives us a feel of freshness with its smooth and whitish pulp while we are eating. Learn how to peel litchi ( lychee ) fruit to get to the luscious pulp. Step-by-step instructions with photos show you how to strip away the tough skin.

Muzaffarpur, the biggest litchi producer in India is fighting a mystery illness! Evaluation of the antioxidant properties of litchi fruit phenolics in relation to pericarp browning prevention.

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