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Livestock are domesticated animals raised in an agricultural setting to produce labor or commodities such as meat, milk, leather, and wool. The term is often used to refer solely to those mammals that have been bred for consumption or other purposes though sometimes it only refers to animals that produces a commodity, . Lignende Oversett denne siden Live Ventures Inc. Livestock : Livestock , farm animals, with the exception of poultry.

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Перевод слова livestock , американское и британское произношение, транскрипция, словосочетания, примеры использования. Followers, Following, 10. There are many different career paths in the livestock industry other than farming.

Livestock appraisers determine the value of livestock for sale or insurance purposes.

Every year millions of acres of forest are cut down to make room for ever-growing herds of livestock. Learn more about this career path. Our industrial diet is centered on the consumption of meat.

The combination of these two issues brings us face to face with a serious problem. We are destroying our forests and some of the most pristine . Environmentalists an in particular, vegetarian advocacy groups . The answer, we are told by celebrity chefs and food writers, is to keep livestock outdoors: eat free-range beef or lamb, not battery pork. But all this does is to swap one disaster – mass cruelty – for another: mass destruction. Almost all forms of animal farming cause environmental damage, but none more so . CAFOs (confined animal feeding operations) that produce far too much manure to be distributed as fertilizer economically . The latest commodity trading prices for Livestock Commodities: Live Cattle, Lean Hogs and more on the U. Markets are held every Wednesday (fat cattle, cull cows, calves, dairy cows and both fat and store sheep) and every Friday (store cattle).

Options for reducing livestock production and consumption to fit within ecological limits, with a focus in Europe. It makes one wonder whether the world might taste better without them. Photo courtesy of Flickr user orangebrompton.

Livestock Science promotes the sound development of the livestock sector by publishing original, peer-reviewed research and review articles covering all aspects of this broad field. The journal welcomes submissions on the avant- garde areas of animal genetics, breeding, growth, reproduction, nutrition.

The Shipshewana Livestock Auction is held every Wednesday, year-round as farmers from all over the Midwest come to trade hay, pigs, cows, sheep and goats. Current market report, auction schedule, buyer and seller information, livestock appraisals.