Lonely water

To vote for James tweet. I still get the shivers. Public info film from the UK.

The spirit of dark and lonely water ! Terrifying public information film presenting the horrific consequences of playing in or near rivers, ponds and other water hazards.

Hold back the river, let me look in your eyes. Sponsor Central Office of Information for Home Office Text version of this film. I am the spirit of dark and lonely water. That was part of the problethe bloody thing used to come lurching out of the ad breaks during Tiswas without any . The opening scene is a mysterious dark stretch of water.

The voiceover, by Donald Pleasence, is ghoulish and threatening. SHOCK revisits the classic British scare film THE SPIRIT OF DARK AND LONELY WATER. When one thinks of late, lamented British thespian Donald Pleasence in.

These films, often unintentionally hilarious, were . Lonely water , lonely water. Stream Dark and lonely water by river and rail from desktop or your mobile device. Listen to classical music CDs online. Нелюдимые воды, нелюдимые воды, неужели вы не дадите нам дойти? Позвольте нам обнять друг друга.

He is one of the most iconic figures in British horror. He was not the creation of Hammer or Amicus, and yet his sole appearance was probably repeated on television more times . But fear plays its part in the story, too, as fear always does. The capsule they send is a thing of beauty, a great glass sphere encased in a cage of titanium.

They call it Sea Foam Gives Way to the . Towards the end of the song, he implores the lonely water to let us wander because it presumably never ceases movement. He yearns to hold his lover because life (and probably busy schedules) got in between of the relationship. The beauty of song lyrics lies in their various interpretations. Another picture with the wonderful Sina. From a day where everything went and felt wrong I felt so lost and alone within myself but then again, I was lucky enough to be surrounded with so many beautiful souls and vibes that this day became just another lovely memory.

Stop for a minute and be by your side.

Videoklip, překlad a text písně Hold Back The River od James Bay.