Lua for loop

The for statement has two variants: the numeric for and the generic for. A numeric for has the following syntax: for var=expexpexpdo something end. That loop will execute something for each value of var from expto exp, using expas the step to increment var. One can be used to iterate through a numeric progression and the other can be used to iterate over functions called iterators.

Test-Programm loop_for_1. This code first declares a global variable called names.

Then, you start a for loop. How to make an infinite loop in Lua code? Why does Lua have no continue statement ? Flere resultater fra stackoverflow.

Each module uses a table to hold functions and variables, and that containing table is returned at the end of the module code. Loops are code structures used to repeat statements in scripts. The loop will run from to 1 and print Hello Mom!

Lua will assume you are going to be adding positive numbers. If you want to get fancy, such as subtracting numbers, or adding decimals, you have to specify this as follows: Example.

One way computers turn their speed into smarts is using loops. The while loop is just like its C counterpart. Lua can handle for loops in two ways,. What would happen if I was to use. So if the loop has i=that means the loop will repeat times.

The next part of the loop , do, tells lua that you want the code block between do and end to be repeated until the loop is finished. The code block will be automatically run each time the loop , er, . In this video I tell you how loops are useful, the different kinds of loops and how you could use them with. More About the Generic for Loop So far whenever we have used the pairs (tbl) or ipairs (tbl) functions it has been with the generic for loop. Both return an iterator function that does the hard work. We are now going to write our own iterators.

We will create an iterator that works like the iterator returned by ipairs. Contribute to lzmq development by creating an account on GitHub. LOOP stands for Lua Object-Oriented Programming and is a set of packages for supporting different models of object-oriented programming in the. LOOP provides five interoperable class-hierarchy-based object models for Lua.

Its class library provides many useful use examples ranging from single-table . And it will countdown from to is there anything like that in lua or will I just need to . A function in Lua is a first class value, just like other values.

A named function in the outermost block is equivalent to a global variable whose value is a function.