Markhor goat

It is found in woodland in the Western Himalayas of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kashmir. They usually weigh from to 1kilograms. Wonderfully Bizarre Species ! Markhors live at altitudes . This wild goat is found in Asia (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan).

It has characteristic spiral twisted horns and a shaggy beard covering its front. Contagious Caprine Pleuropneumonia (CCPP), a contagious, lethal disease to caprids, perhaps overlooked for long time in the north of Pakistan, was recently . The animal prefers living on dangerous and steep cliffs of the mountains to protect themselves from the attacks of wild predators including snow leopard and wolf. Also these high cliffs provide safe refuge from . The sun was beginning to fade in the frigid evening sky. It was the end of a long day of counting the endangered wild goats of southern Tajikistan.

Known as the markhor , these goats are distinguished by their Merlin-esque beards and twisting, towering horns. The rare goats are difficult to spot amid the .

Charles Darwin postulated that modern goats arose from crossbreeding markhor. A large wild goat found from Afghanistan to northern India, the markhor is divided into three subspecies: the Astor markhor , the Bukharan markhor and the Kabul markhor. Males get well over 2pounds, have . It is an animal that is as much an icon of Kashmir as the beautiful Dal Lake and its shikaras. Human greed is being blamed for the near-extinction of the spectacularly spiral- horned markhor (Capra falconeri cashmiriensis) in the northern Indian state Jammu and Kashmir. The critically endangered goat has faced years of population decline from illegal trophy hunting, competition with livestock for . In the wil these nimble goats are prey species of Amur . Estimated World Population: 000.

Ox Ranch Population: 36. Male goats are light brown to tan in color with long, shaggy hair hanging from their necks and chest that . Females are slightly smaller. The female kid born to Edith and Sunny weighed 5. The ki that for now goes by the name Baby, was the first markhor born at the zoo in nine . I think that it is unique because of its horns. Head body length is 1to 1cm. They have a distinctive mane and unmistakable straight or flare usually deeply-spiralled horns.

With its spectacular twisting horns, the markhor is one of the most striking of goats (Capra spp.), and owing to its size, also one of the most imposing.

The markhor goat is such a unique goat. The colour and length of the coat varies with the seasons, with the short reddish-grey summer coat becoming longer and greyer over the cold winter months.