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Вседорожные гусеничные системы для автомобилей 4х4. Mattracks , Karlsta MN. Later, production was moved to its current location in the .

So at the beginning of the . The company recently expanded its track offerings for with the release of its 400M1Amodel. Services Technominex Inc. You are looking for solutions for crews are supplies transportation and logistics in hard access terrain . It allows users to convert from tires to tracks in less than an hour. Features include offset rocker suspension, two-piece HD steel sprocket, rubber . The new Sprositive Drive system has been specially designed to compensate for the unequal ratios on ATVs and UTVs using over running front differentials.

MATTRACKS introduces six new models for ATVs and UTVs. By eliminating the slack in the front sprockets pitch and changing the front to rear sprocket ratio, the .

Tires to rubber tracks conversion can take as little as thirty minutes. As easy as changing tires, giving you tank-like tracks on all four corners of your four-by-four vehicle! Not wanting to spend the $2the hobby shop wanted for the used set, i thought to myself, hey! So I decided to 3d print my own custom RC car.

After drawing a picture of a large truck with tracks instead of tires he asked his da Could we make something like this? After several years of engineering and prototypes. Designs, engineers, manufactures and markets worldwide. Seventy-six models in six . It completely transforms the machine, but everyonethe looks also.

There are tires for san snow, mu and every other type of riding condition, but when the snow gets too . The system is automotive approved for 4xsub-compact and compact SUVs and trucks with GVWs under 0lbs. It consists of a rubber torsion anti-torque . Fits on most major brand 4xATVs, new or used! Use year roun in any terrain!

LiteFoot ATV System s 3MSRP plus SH Limited production. Track Conversion System for ATVs! The Litefoot features lightweight construction with .