Maven site plugin

The Site Plugin is used to generate a site for the project. This is the site for version of the maven – site – plugin. If you are looking for version you can find it here. Version, Repository, Usages, Date.

Name, Email, Dev I Roles, Organization. Olivier Lamy, olamyatapache. Arnaud Héritier, aheritieratapache. Barrie Treloar, baerrachatapache. Benson Margulies, bimarguliesatapache.

Плагин maven – site – plugin предназначен для того чтобы легко создавать сайт проекта. В директории Вашего проекта наберите. И мавен автоматически сгенерирует сайт по нему. Этот плагин можно довольно гибко . По умолчанию в результате выполнения этой команды для пустого проекта создается стандартный набор html страниц: index. Это отчеты созданные плагином maven -project-info-reports- plugin.

Их можно отключить либо добавить настроив . Contribute to maven – site – plugin development by creating an account on GitHub. The plugin has a site goal and is configured with a goal prefix of ghSite. DartifactId=sample-project.

XXXXX: SiteToolException: The site descriptor cannot be resolved from the repository: ArtifactResolutionException: Unable to locate site descriptor: Could not transfer artifact . Translations of the document are available in the following languages: 汉语 . Selenium-тесты написаны на Java, в качестве репорт- фреймворка используем Allure. Появилась следующая ошибка при попытке вызова site. Basically you want to add a basic site_en. Maven Site Plugin for generating a site. If you want to have line number information included in the coverage reports or you want source code highlighting the class files of the test target must be compiled with debug information.

This plugin is difficult to use due to the many configuration options that oftentimes are not well documented. There are many blog posts that can help you write your documentation including my post on maven . I ran into a slightly puzzling problem while upgrading from Mavento Maventhis week.