Million bells flower

Would you like an annual flower that blooms nonstop without the need for deadheading? How about one that spills gracefully over the sides of your containers and hanging baskets, but has a dense trailing habit rather than a spindly one? Million bells plants fit this description, and they attract hummingbirds . Its name comes from the fact that it features hundreds of small, bell-like flowers that resemble miniature petunias. Is there a way of overwintering million bells an if so, how?

Find out about calibrachoa winter care in this article.

Welcome to the official channel of WWW. They are a perennial, evergreen and short-live a trailing plant only grows about 2-inches tall . They are evergreen short-lived perennials and subshrubs with a sprawling habit, with small petunia-type flowers. They are found across much the same region of South America as petunias, from southern Brazil across to Peru and Chile, . Among the easiest plants to grow, Million Bells are hugely popular ask any hummingbird. Their profuse, self-cleaning flowers arrive in spring and keep going until fall.

The Cherry Pink, Terra Cotta, and Yellow varieties have a more upright, cascading habit, and bloom even during short days. Details Million Bells Series are free- flowering , compact trailing annuals to 15cm in height, with yellow-throate pink or blue flowers. Once establishe they are drought tolerant and butterflies and hummingbirds are attracted to the colorful flowers.

Where, When and How to Plant. Plant in spring after all danger of frost has past in containers or the ground. Calibrachoa has not been a part . To make a full container, . Trim Million Bells back if their flowering diminishes in summer. The plants respond quickly with new, vigorously blooming branches. Turn the leaves over to look underneath for bugs, they love hiding there.

Millions Bells – the fact is that million bells are a favorite food of aphids . Early spring to late autumn in warmer climates. BOUQUET varieties are perfect for front of garden where heaps of colour is required. MOUNDING varieties have a . Find essential growing information on calibrachoa , including: flower and foliage colors, height and width, seasonal features and special features.

Check out more information about the calibrachoa plant and explore tips on calibrachoa care. The first calibrachoa to be grown commercially from seed. This means we can offer them in our unique plug strips and pass the savings on to you.

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