IOT sensor for cows and herd management software. Calving sensors and Heat detection. Det er en sensor som samler over 6data pr. En ny teknologi som registrerer halens bevegelsesmønster, dette intensiveres en tid før kalving.

Saving you calves, money and time.

Login or download our mobile app today. This non-invasive, tail mounted sensor gathers over 6pieces of data a second. It can accurately predict when your cow is most likely to give birth by measuring tail movement patterns.

Påfølgende år koster abonementet 1Euro. Kan sender pr post mot frakttilleg. He had a theory that a device to measure tail movement might be able to predict . Have cattle or thinking about getting a few in the future?

Moocall , Dublin, Ireland.

Easily input your animals into the app, then gather data around due dates, calving events and the historical calving tendencies of both your herd and the individual animals within. The vague promise of the Internet of Things was that all kinds of devices – such as toasters and fridges – would be connected together in smart networks. In our first months in business we sold . Kiinnitys on helppoa ja nopeaa, eikä se häiritse eläintä.

Katso lisätietoja videolta! Laitteita tarvitaan yksi per lehmää, kun lehmät . Tail-mounted calving sensor, notifying you by SMS when your cow is about to calve. Every calf counts – be there when needed. Particulary in economically difficult times!

Innovative calving sensor monitors your pregnant cow and alerts via SMS at the right time (about one hour) prior to calving. To listen to our entire conversation with Emmet, click on the player. Join LinkedIn today for free. It is not guaranteed to predict every single calving event! Reasonable levels of direct or camera supervision should be maintained during calving periods.

It is recommended that farmers use their own experience and. It measures tail movement to accurately predict the onset of calving. The device is attached to your cow .

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