These include smooth-skinned varieties such as honeydew, Crenshaw, and casaba, and different netted cultivars The Armenian cucumber is also a variety of muskmelon , but its shape, taste, and culinary uses more . Cantaloupes are a popular type of muskmelon , but there are other types. The name of the muskmelon comes from the words musk, which means perfume . Learn more about muskmelon nutrition facts, health benefits, healthy recipes, and other fun facts to enrich your diet. We all are acquainted with this delicious summer fruit but may not be aware of its potential benefits. They not only cultivated but .

Although the term muskmelon is sometimes . The muskmelon , scientifically know as “cucumis melo,” gets its name from the musky aroma it produces when ripe. The fruit is also known as a cantaloupe. Nutritionally, muskmelon is a high fiber fruit, with an abundance of vitamins A and C, and potassium. There is a tendency in America to refer to muskmelons merely as melons, but that is confusing because watermelons are also loosely called melons. One of the great joys of summer has to be fresh cantaloupe, either from the local farmer’s market or your own home garden.

But is it cantaloupe or muskmelon ? There is technically a difference, but often the names are used interchangeably. The term cantaloupe refers to two varieties of muskmelon.

Muskmelons Originated in Persia. The name cantaloupe applies to two types of muskmelons , but most often North Americans use cantaloupe refering to the reticulated muskmelon , known for its bright orange flesh and distinctive smell. Cucumis melo cantalupensis is the European or true cantaloupe, known by its pale green outer skin.

Most are round to ovate and some will have a slightly squat shape. Like other melons, muskmelon is also known for its high water content. It is also a great choice for the weight watchers. See a rich collection of stock images, vectors, or photos for muskmelon you can buy on Shutterstock.

Материал из Викисловаря. This is because calorie wise it . На этой странице показываются непроверенные изменения Текущая версия (не проверялась). Перейти к: навигация, поиск . Take a look at the benefits of muskmelon seeds and how it also aids in weight loss. These are the familiar American cantaloupes with orange flesh and a corky net on the skin.

Sometimes called muskmelons because of their musky, sweet taste. We offer varieties of both Eastern (deeply ribbed skin) and Western (smooth- skinned) melons. Pregnant and craving for muskmelon ? Good for you, because muskmelon benefits during pregnancy are many.

Read on to know the nutritional value of muskmelon.