The Mytilidae are a family of small to large saltwater mussels, marine bivalve mollusks in the order Mytiloida. One of the genera, Limnoperna, inhabits brackish or freshwater environments. The order has only this one family which contains some genera.

Species in the family Mytilidae are found worldwide, but they are . Rike, Dyreriket (Animalia).

Rekke, Bløtdyr (Mollusca). Klasse, Muslinger (Bivalvia ). Underklasse, Pteriomorpha. Familie, Blåskjellfamilien ( Mytilidae ). Art, Blåskjell (Mytilus edulis).

A strong byssus near the hinge fastens the mussel to rock, where the surf brings ample oxygen and food. However numerous genera have adapted to other habitats, including sand burrows. Many genera in this family have .

Mytilidae is a family of small to large saltwater mussels, marine bivalve mollusks in the order Mytiloida. It is the only family in the order. This order (and family) contains genera. Synonymies in the Mytilidae are numerous, the genus.

Description, classification, synonyms of Family Mytilidae. The historical development and geographical distribution of the three species placed in the genus Pema are reviewed. A taxonomic family within the order Mytiloida – saltwater mussels, some of which are edible. Home NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM ROTTERDAM – Mollusca – Bivalvia – Mytilidae , Slideshow. Define family Mytilidae.

Mytilidae synonyms, family Mytilidae pronunciation , family Mytilidae translation, English dictionary definition of family Mytilidae. Mytilidae – marine mussels Mytilidae mollusk family – a family of mollusks Bivalvia, class Bivalvia, class Lamellibranchia, class Pelecypoda,. With seashell related information for both expert and amateur collectors. Phylogenetic characterization of three morphs of mussels (Bivalvia, Mytilidae ) inhabiting isolated marine environments in Palau Islands.

Goto TV(1), Tamate HB, Hanzawa N. Author information: (1)Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Yamagata . Symbioses of methanotrophs and deep- sea mussels ( Mytilidae : Bathymodiolinae).

DeChaine EG(1), Cavanaugh CM. A hybrid zone between hydrothermal vent mussels (Bivalvia: Mytilidae ) from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.