Ontogeny is the developmental history of an organism . In contrast, phylogenetic development refers to the portion of physical, cognitive, emotional, and . English dictionary definition of ontogenetic. The development of an individual organism or a part of an organism from inception to maturity. Also called ontogenesis.

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The period from intrauterine life through approximately months of age is an extraordinarily formative time for humans. Our basic movement patterns emerge in utero, are present at birth, and develop through the first year of life. It is during this time that we build the groundwork for our movement and perceptual skills and . Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search.

Select targeted languages . Adjective (not comparable) 1. The organism is not specified by its genes,” Lewontin insiste “but is a unique outcome of an ontogenetic process that is contingent on the sequence of environments in which it occurs. As seen elsewhere in the cranium and skeleton, these mandibular remains share similarities with those of other .

This report demonstrates that complement and classical complement component activities are detectable by standard haemolytic methods in foetal porcine serum as early as the 40th day of the 115–1gestational period. At this stage of development only miniscule amounts of immunoglobulins are detectable in . The human genome demonstrates variable levels of instability during ontogeny. Achieving the highest rate during early prenatal development, it decreases significantly throughout following ontogenetic stages. A failure to decrease or a spontaneous increase of genomic instability can promote infertility, pregnancy losses, . The ontogeny of human empathy is better understood with reference to the evolutionary history of the social brain.

Empathy has deep evolutionary, biochemical, and neurological underpinnings. Even the most advanced forms of empathy in humans are built on more basic forms and remain connected to core mechanisms . Перевод контекст ontogenetic c английский на русский от Reverso Context: This research, led by Peter Belohlavek was based on intelligence ontogenetic unicist nature and unicist ontology evolution. See also energetics, ontogenetic asymmetry and symmetry in ontogenetic diet broadening, 2ontogenetic diet shifts. All vertebrates have a structure corresponding to a cerebral cortex. Ontogenetic maps are the drivers to manage maximal strategies.

It covers the subcortical regions of the telencephalon, hence the term pallidum cerebri. In reptiles and fish the homologue of the cerebral cortex appears as a cortical plate which does not reach over the colliculi of the midbrain, which can be considered as . Teeth with longitudinal ridging that only occur in small (juvenile) skulls occupy the same morphospace as non-ridged teeth, and may be an ontogenetically controlled character of tooth morphology in C. Ridged tooth morphotypes from Late Cretaceous microfossil localities may be ontogenetic variants of Table 1: .