Pangasius hypophthalmus

The iridescent shark (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus ) is a species of shark catfish (family Pangasiidae) native to the rivers of Southeast Asia. It is found in the Mekong basin as well as the Chao Phraya River, and is heavily cultivated for food there. The meat is often marketed under the common name swai. Haimallen drettes opp i Vietnam, Kina, Japan og USA, hvor de fôres opp med blant annet rismel og bananer.

Etter åtte måneder når den matchvekten mellom ,5-kg. De fiskene som er tilgjengelige i Europa kjennetegnes av et lavere fettinhold enn .

The proximate composition, pH, ammonia, biogenic amines (BAs), total mercury (Hg), malondialdehyde (MDA), and polyphosphate were determined. Scientific Names, Current Sources. Catfish or Channel Catfish, Ictalurus punctatus, United States and China.

It was a reminder to tell you about the dangers of this strange but increasingly popular . The movement of fish from the Tonle Sap River floodplain to deep-water . Special Publication of the Center for Biodiversity Research . In a recent paper published in Reviews in Aquaculture we ask whether the controversy justified. Pangas is a relatively new and fast-growing fish species that has great potential for production and export growth in Bangladesh. However, production variability exists from farm to farm and location to location, which indicates that production risk may be a problem in pangas farming.

This paper presents an overview of the microbiota of frozen Vietnamese catfish products marketed in Belgium. Ferske kokte reker ble også undersøkt. Det ble undersøkt for mengde fett, protein, vann og aske. Det ble også gjort undersøkelser på fettsyre- og aminosyresammensetningen. Common names: Striped catfish, Irridescent shark catfish, Siamese shark, Sutchi catfish Thai name: Plah Sawai ( สวาย) Thailand status: Native Max size: 100kg (220lb) Diet: Omnivore Habitat: Freshwater.

Pangasius has emerged as a key aquaculture species in . Accessed through: World Register of Marine . Major presenting signs included an increase in mortality that would not respond to treatment, and at necropsy, the presence of numerous white necrotic and pyogranulomatous . The presence of spoilage bacteria along the processing line can shorten the shelf-life of thawed frozen fish products. See Spanish-English translations with audio pronunciations, examples, and word-by-word explanations. GONIAKOWSKA-WITALINSKA L. Abstract This is the first description of an economically important disease of intensively . Agricultural Publishing house, Ho Chin Minh City.

Final Workshop of the Catfish Asia Project, May 15–2 . There were two treatment . Royal Society of Chemistry, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London W1J 0BA, UK . Analytical Methods Committee a. Swai are very fast growing fish, so the cost of raising them is far less than for many other farmed species.

The affected fish showed pale gills, abdominal swelling and hemorrhage of the skin, as well as swelling of internal organs with white patches. Treatment, EU Standar No Chemical. Glazing, , , or Your Requirement. Packing, -Plain PE Bag: .