Pectoral fin

Fins are usually the most distinctive anatomical features of a fish. They are composed of bony spines or rays protruding from the body with skin covering them and joining them together, either in a webbed fashion, as seen in most bony fish, or similar to a flipper, as seen in sharks. Apart from the tail or caudal fin , fish fins . Get information, facts, and pictures about pectoral fin at Encyclopedia.

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Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Pectoral fin definition: either of a pair of fins , situated just behind the head in fishes , that help to control. Define pectoral fin : either of the fins of a fish that correspond to the forelimbs of a quadruped. The pectoral fin of the elasmobranchs possesses basal cartilages that articulate with the pectoral girdle. These fins are primarily responsible for control of directional movement, up and down or side to side.

Pectoral fins can come in all shapes and sizes which fill different functions for different fish. What is pectoral fin (noun)? The right pectoral fin and most of the shoulder girdle are preserved in articulation, with the fin concealed under the body.

This region of the specimen was CT scanned at the East-Tallinn Central Hospital (see Methods Summary and Supplementary Methods). The scanned region comprises the entire fin . Wrists, ankles and digits distinguish tetrapod limbs from fins , but direct evidence on the origin of these features has been unavailable. Here we describe the pectoral appendage of a member of the sister group of tetrapods, Tiktaalik roseae , which is morphologically and functionally transitional between a fin. English dictionary definition of pectoral fin.

Pectoral fins are one of the major features of locomotor design in ray-finned fishes and exhibit a well-documented phylogenetic transition from basal to derived clades. In percomorph fishes, the pectoral fins are often used to generate propulsive force via oscillatory movements, and pectoral fin propulsion in this relatively . Pectoral fin coordination and gait transitions in steadily swimming juvenile reef fishes. Hale ME(1), Day R Thorsen DH, Westneat MW. Estimating the fluid force exerted by the pectoral fin involved measuring the rate of change in wake momentum over the stroke duration.

Select targeted languages. Either of two fins located on each side of a fish just behind the head. Synonyms: pectoral fin muscle. Definition: Musculature that is part of the pectoral fin. Appears at: Pharyngula:Prim-(3h-4h).

Evident until: Adult (90d-730 breeding adult). Ontology: Anatomy Ontology .

Pectoral Fins sharks have a pectoral fin behind the head on either side of its body. These are often elongated and are used to keep the shark from sinking to the bottom of the ocean, as well as for steering the fish. Pelvic Fins these are also paired fins, which occur further down the body, closer to the tail. Fish ranged in size from 5. Pectoral fin slapping, commonly referred to as “pec slapping”, is when a humpback whale that is swimming on its side or back at the surface repeatedly raises its pectoral fin into the air and drops or swings it back to the surface to produce a large splash and loud report.

Along with breaching and lobtailing, pec slapping is . This is the first known report on the skeletal and muscular systems, and the skin histology, of the pectoral fin of the rare planktivorous megamouth shark Megachasma pelagios. This paper deals with experimental analysis of fish fin motion and performance tests of pectoral fin model from the viewpoint of maneuverability of underwa. Body depth (BD), For larvae: The vertical distance between body margins ( exclusive of fins) through the anterior margin of the pectoral fin base: not necessarily the greatest body depth.