Philippe starck

Ipanema with starck : new. Han formgir vanligvis hverdagsprodukter, alt fra tannbørster til stoler, ofte i et stramt og forenklet formspråk. Eksempler på design av Starck: Appelsinpressen Juicy Salif for firmaet Alessi, en motorsykkel for Aprilia og en datamus for Microsoft.

Philippe Starck designs deluxe objects and posh condos and hotels around the world. Always witty and engage he takes special delight in rethinking everyday objects.

The latest news, design, products and interviews from the French designer. Preferring to work alone, sometimes “naked in the bedroom,” the Frenchman has devised thousands of products, interiors, and buildings for clients ranging from Microsoft to Baccarat. He has also worked as an architect. Find out more about the world-famous designer. Most likely influenced by his father, who worked as an aircraft engineer, Starck studied at the . Driade collaborates with artists who are able to foresee the new trends.

All infos and retailers in your city. His gift is to turn the object of his commission into an object of charm, pleasure and encounter.

With his expertise still in . I always said that the bathroom has to become a wet . Each of the models of houses from the P. As a partner of AXOR, he has revolutionised the bathroom. I try to rediscover why that object exists at all, and why one should take the trouble to reconsider It. Underskapet med sin karakteristiske form, finnes i prestisjefylte omgivelser over hele verden, slik som verdens høyeste bygning, Burj Chalifa. There are some things that we use every day without realising that someone created them. Take mathematical symbols.

After introducing us to his wife Jasmine, he asked what he could do for us. Starck is convinced that what matters in design, as in love, is accommodating the other. He is funny, accessible and courteous, quietly spoken, but . Connect with users and join the conversation at WIRED.

The son of an aeronautics engineer, Starckto cut, paste and create objects. He created the company Starck Product and became one of the most famous contemporary French designers in the world. Ha(a)ïtza is not a recent anecdote in the Southwest nor in the Arcachon Bay.

Ha(a)ïtza evoques the idea of something, of an imaginary place that has always been there, emancipated from all materiality.

In the course of time, he has worked on more than projects throughout the entire world. Dennoch sagt er heute: Alles, was ich gestaltet habe, ist absolut unnötig. We will not be reinstalling them on Howard Street.