Phoxinus phoxinus

Norsk(e) navn: gorkime, gorkyte, gåløye, kime, ørekyt, ørekyte. Biologisk klassifikasjon: Rike: Dyreriket. It is ubiquitous throughout much of Eurasia, from Britain and Spain to eastern Siberia, predominantly in cool (12–°C) streams and . The other species in this genus are also commonly known as minnows. The name minnow was what early English fisherman used to describe small and insignificant.

Range Description: Basins of Atlantic, North and Baltic Seas, Arctic and northern Pacific Ocean from Garonne (France) eastward to Anadyr and Amur drainages and Korea, Ireland (possibly introduced), Great Britain northward to 58°N, Scandinavia and Russia northernmost extremity, Rhône drainage.

At least one country reports adverse ecological impact after introduction. Bufret Lignende Oversett denne siden Recorded from upper and middle Volga and Ural drainages, Lake Balkhash ( Kazakhstan) and upper Syr-Darya drainage (Aral basin), but else identifications need verification. Status in the United States.

This species has not been reported in the United States. Means of Introductions to the United States. It has fairly large eyes, a small mouth and a blunt nose. Phoxinus phoxinus Ecological Risk Screening Summary.

Normally, the dorsal side is brownish-green, and is separated . Red shiners (Notropis lutrensis).

Also a member of the carp family, it is usually about 7. It varies in colour from golden to green, and the male, like certain other male cyprinids, develops a bright . Appearance : Body fairly slender but relatively broa almost rounded in cross-section. Lateral line extends half way along body. Snout blunt, jaws of equal length. Editio decima, reformata.

Laurentius Salvius: Holmiae. Minnows have small, slender bodies with a blunt nose and a small down-turned mouth. I dag er den utbredt i ferskvann over mesteparten av Norge, også i de høyereliggende delene av vassdragene. Семейство Карповые (Cyprinidae). Den har vist seg å gjøre stor skade på en del . Беларуси встречается во всех речках и ручьях.

Thesis, University of Wales, Aberystwyth. Interactions between brown trout, Salmo trutta L. Taxonomic Rank: Species. Data Quality Indicators: Record Credibility Rating: verified – standards met . It is often associated with salmonids and is most commonly found in shallow waters. Europe and Asia, and is native to basins of the Arctic, Atlantic, Baltic Sea, North Sea and .

Ecotoxicology of organotin compounds. Organotin compounds in municipal waste water and sewage sludge: contamination, fate in treatment .