Platichthys flesus

Den ligner på rødspette da den i likhet med denne også kan være pigmentert med røde spetter. Den er tydelig mindre flat i tverrsnitt enn rødspetta. Skrubbe er en god matfisk, men ikke meget benyttet i Norge.

It has been introduced into the United States and Canada accidentally through transport in ballast water. It is caught and used for human consumption.

Эта рыба размножается в море, однако большую часть жизни проводит в пресной или солоноватой воде. Editio decima, reformata. Laurentius Salvius: Holmiae.

To improve security and privacy, we are moving our web pages and services from HTTP to HTTPS. Platichthys flesus flesus . From this date, the HTTP traffic will be automatically redirected to HTTPS. Flounder is the only flatfish that migrates to freshwater without any problem.

They have been found in the Rhine by Basel Switzerland. Their preference is to live in brackish waters. The flounder has a roughly oval shape, with both eyes on the right side of its head and has a small mouth and pointed snout.

The lateral line curves slightly around the pectoral fin. It has a smooth body except for some rough scales along the lateral line and a row of prickly humps along the base of the . Skrubben er en veldig tolerant art, og er kjent for å foreta lange vandringer. Om sommeren kan ikke kjønnsmodne individer påtreffes i ferskvann, ofte langt oppe i elver, og arten kan om vinteren finnes på over 100 . You can see its nomination here.

Larsen PF(1), Nielsen EE, Williams T Hemmer-Hansen J, Chipman JK, Kruhøffer M, Grønkjaer P, George SG, Dyrskjøt L, Loeschcke V. Author information: (1)Danish Institute for . At all sampling periods, several specimens of both species were allowed to depurate in . Population structure was previously believed to be very limited or absent in classical marine fishes, but recently, evidence of weakly differentiated local populations has been accumulating using noncoding microsatellite . This pattern was almost entirely due to a difference between flounder that have demersal spawning in the . Source: NODC Taxonomic Code, database (version ). Description: This flatfish is oval in shape and is usually right-eyed.

The upper surface is usually dull brown in colour with reddish-brown blotches and the underside is white. Often the colour is camouflaged with the seabed. There are rows of bony . Vår vanligaste plattfisk kännetecknas av sträva knölar längs sidolinjen samt längs basen av ryggfenan och analfenan. Den är allmän i Västerhavet såväl som i stora delar av Östersjön. Kroppen är långsträckt med rundad rygg- och buklinje, men eftersom både ryggfenan och bukfenan är . A threat to native salmonids?

ECTS thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of a Master of Resource. Management degree in Coastal and Marine Management at the University. Centre of the Westfjords, Suðurgata 1 400 . Journal of Fish Biology, (9), pp.

Abstract The GENIPOL cDNA microarray,.