Polar biology

It is also of interest to scientists working in biology in general, ecology and physiology, as well as in oceanography and climatology related to polar life. Journal Citation Reports. Polar Biology presents of studies in . Ingen informasjon er tilgjengelig for denne siden.

Characterized by having opposite ends of a spectrum of symptoms or manifestations, as in polar types of leprosy.

Sugar, such as sucrose, is an example of polar molecule. Its structure has oxygen-hydrogen (-OH) groups. Water is also a polar molecule for having both negative and positive poles. Our research foci include.

In this course, you gain an understanding of biology of the polar areas, with a special emphasis on the Northern Hemisphere. You learn how organisms of the Polar Regions are evolutionarily adapted to cold terrestrial or marine habitats with strong seasonality. By studying theoretical and practical case studies, you gain . FRONTIERS IN POLAR BIOLOGY IN THE GENOMIC ERA are not ends in themselves but pathways into a new frontier of science opportunities.

Ocean acidification – COeffects in Northern waters. At present we are emitting COat alarming rates. We all know the result is global warming, but what is probably less well-known is what marine chemists have termed “the other COproblem”. Похожие по тематике журналы.

SCOPUS, да, Всего выпусков, 26 Доступный архив, 01. РИНЦ, нет, Полных текстов, 92 Реферативный, нет. Polar biological sciences stand poised on the threshold of a revolution, one involving the application of genomic sciences and other enabling technologies to address numer- ous issues, many of which were unrecognized as little as a decade ago.

Whether studying the effects of global warming or systematically prospecting . The extreme challenges of life in the polar regions require the animals who make their habitat there to make many adaptations. This free course, Animals at the extremes: Polar biology , explores the polar climate and how animals like reindeer, polar bears, penguins, sea life and even humans manage to survive there. As a result of this database the comprehensive list of taxa of . This brings up a good point: we love to hear your questions and comments, particularly from students and the public. Download past episodes or subscribe to future episodes of Animals at the extremes: polar biology – for iBooks by The Open University for free.

Read chapter Appendix D. Acronyms: As we enter the twenty-first century, the polar biological sciences stand well poised to address numerous important iss. The terms polar and nonpolar describe the ways in which individual particles of matter, or atoms, interact with water in a living organism and the ways in which groups of atoms.

The very thin bear spent over three minutes underwater hunting seals, breaking the previous record of seconds, according to a Dutch adventurer who published his observations in the journal Polar.