Polar research

Foreword to Supplement 1: research on a polar species—the Arctic fox. The Norwegian Polar Institute. Redaksjonen holder til i Tromsø og har dessuten tilknyttet et redaksjonelt utvalg fra et internasjonalt nettverk av polarforskere. Polar Research er et internasjonalt forskningstidsskrift utgitt av Norsk Polarinstitutt.

It is published by the Norwegian Polar Institute. It covers a wide range of fields from biology to oceanography, including socio-economic and management topics.

Research covers both the natural and social sciences and is often interdisciplinary. POLISH POLAR RESEARCH is an international journal publishing original research articles presenting the of studies carried out in polar regions. View menu University of Cambridge. Go to: Introduction, Ordering. It supports the current interdisciplinary research of the Institute , is open to the public and provides a warm welcome to anyone wishing to know more about the Polar Regions.

Sited within a department of the University of . The polar regions are experiencing unprecedented environmental changes that have significant potential impacts on global climate, ecosystems, and society. POLAR also serves as a primary point of contact for the international polar research community to explore opportunities to pursue research in .

The history of years Dutch polar research was recently summarized in the Dutch book jaar Nederlands onderzoek in de Poolgebieden. Since then, almost 1PhD theses defended . This ship, and the suite of modernisation projects which support it, represents the largest Government . Northern Illinois University researchers and students are conducting significant research in both polar regions, but particularly in . Polar research at the Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources. The ice-covered and remote Polar Regions are still insufficiently known. Polar Regions play a key-role in global climate, they are among the regions most affected by- and responsive to current climate change.

Bibliography Sort Order: Author-Year-Title. Citation Style TerAuthor-Year. The Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center (BPCRC) at The Ohio State University is recognized internationally as a leader in polar , alpine, and climate research.

Our research programs are conducted throughout the world. The Center is named in honor of Admiral Richard E. Korean Research IceBreaker. Norwegian polar research – objectives and status.

Framework for the polar research policy. The role of the Research Council of Norway. Vision and objectives for Norwegian polar research. Antarctic King Sejong Station.