Potato blight

The damage of late blight. It is a serious disease for potatoes and outdoor tomatoes, but not as common on tomatoes grown in greenhouses. Identify and treat potato blight , prevent blight, grow blight resistant potatoes from horticulture writer John Harrison.

Potato blight is a major problem. How to keep potato plants healthy in your vegetable garden.

Which potato varieties to choose to avoid blight , how to deal with blight infections, and blight prevention techniques. Met Éirean have just released an official warning that weather conducive to the spread of potato blight is likely from now until next weekend. Garden expert Paraic Horkan has some invaluable advice on how to prevent and treat this devastating disease.

However the causal pathogen is the same. Phytophthora infestans, which spreads rapidly in the foliage of potatoes and tomatoes causing collapse and decay. In addition, the disease spurred the emergence of the field of plant . These fungal diseases wreak havoc in vegetable gardens throughout the growing season, causing significant above-ground damage to potato plants and rendering tubers useless.

Warm days with high consistent humidity encourage blight, as does wet weather. Still there are things . Our expert advice will help you do just that and assist you in identifying this soil borne fungus. It can infect and destroy the leaves, stems, fruits, and tubers of potato and tomato plants.

Before the disease appeared in . Hot dry weather checks its spread. Photos: Courtesy of Meg McGrath, Cornell University. LATE blight, a disease that strikes tomatoes and potatoes, can quickly ruin an entire crop — and provide a source of infection for other plants. It is critical that gardeners understand that late blight is not like other tomato and potato diseases. In North America, late blight survives between seasons in infected seed tubers, cull piles and volunteer plants.

In Ireland alone it is estimated that €million is spent annually on fungicides to mitigate the impacts of the disease, which represents . British scientists have developed genetically modified potatoes that are resistant to the vegetable’s biggest threat – blight. Late Blight Disease Research. A three-year trial has shown that these potatoes can thrive despite being exposed to late onset blight.

That disease has plagued farmers for generations and it triggered the Irish potato.

Early blight and late blight , two serious diseases of potato, are widely distributed. Both are found everywhere potatoes are grown.