Puffed quinoa

Add a little pop to your plate with the crunchy texture and nutty, earthy flavor of puffed quinoa. Exposing the tiny grains to a short burst of heat, either in the oven or on the. Q: Last week I came across a bag of puffed quinoa , which, like puffed amaranth, makes a great addition to yogurt or cereal, and of course requires no cooking. Puffed quinoa is a crispy, nutritious cereal made from 1 quinoa.

Popping quinoa is super easy!

Keep the popped goodness in an. Completely pure – no added sugar or salt. A bit like mini puffed rice. Use as a breakfast cereal.

This unique product is perfect for granola bars, cereals, snacks and salads. Add to trail mixes and baked goods or enjoy as cereal. Quinoa is a gluten free grain.

These little puffed quinoa cups are quite a new treat! This is one of my fastest recipes to make a delicious snack without almost any effort! And oh what a delight it is. It is chocolate, but then again it is too light to be considered pure chocolate. They remind me a bit of the Aero chocolate I used to eat as a ki . Supergrain of the Future.

Delicious on Yogurt, Ice Cream, Salads, and more. Somewhat like popcorn, only healthier. Dates and puffed quinoa larabars. The cool thing here, is that instead of sending . Or you can make it yourself, this recipe for it I thought . Ideal for snacking, or for both baking and. Never cave and run to the vending machine again come 10am – prepare yourself with these puffed quinoa bars.

Organic puffed quinoa is a high protein gluten free breakfast cereal that can also be used in baking. Ingredients: Organic quinoa. This cacao and puffed quinoa granola is a sweet breakfast treat.

At Flying Fish, Peter Kuruvita serves this dish with crisp ocean trout skin and toasted kombu seaweed to contrast with the soft creamy textures of the confit ocean trout and avocado mousse. The black quinoa has more bite than the slightly softer white variety, so Peter uses both to continue this balance of textures.