Quick closing valve

Quick closing valves are used in places where emergency situations might require sudden shutdown even from a remote location. What is the construction and working of these types of valves? Find in the article inside.

As required by SOLAS chapter II- regualtion § 2. During normal operating conditions, these quick closing valves are actuated by the conventional hand wheel method.

When an emergency occurs, a lever actuates the . Quick Closing Valves which can be controlled by mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic transmission. Suitable for marine service, providing a quick shut-off in emergency situations from outside the engine room. Mainly used in pipeline systems with combustible liquids.

Lloyds, BV, DNV, Germanischer Lloyds inspection can be . A self closing valve is a valve, basically of any type, that returns to a closed position after it has been opened by an active action. Self closing valves are often closed by means of a counter weight or spring.

The Bahamas Maritime Authority (BMA) has published a technical alert aimed at highlighting some major deficiencies related to fuel oil quick closing valves , which it has observed during Port State Control inspections. These deficiencies are considered of importance and often lead to detention. It has been issued as a result of Port State. Control (PSC) officers finding that fuel oil tank quick closing valves have sometimes been blocked open intentionally, or are so poorly maintained that they may not operate as designed when released in an emergency. Face to Face, EN 5Series 1. Flange Connection, PN- PN16.

Options, Impuls unit for remote control. Design, Bonnet: With Hydraulic Pnuematic Mechanical Operated. Wire operated valves (Figure 1) are commonly fitte with wire pull levers located externally to the machinery space. The type shown is a Howden Instanter valve.

As an alternative a hydraulically operated quick – closing valve (Figure 2) can be fitted. Quick – closing valves are examined and tested when installed and then . Void fraction measurement). QUICK CLOSING VALVE TECHNIQUE.

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Coast Guard Port State Control Officers (PSCOs) are discovering Fuel Oil Quick – Closing Valves. QCVs) intentionally blocke modifie and poorly maintained preventing them from operating as designed during an emergency. Our sos valves are designed to ensure a safe and simple operation.

The low height also allows the usage in narrow spaces. They are available in nodular cast iron, cast steel and bronze. Fuel is drawn the service tank through a quick closing valve. These can be closed remotely in case of emergency (e.g. fire). This can be done with simple pull wires, hydraulically, or in this case by compressed air.

The fuel then passes via the change over valve through a set of filters into the supply pumps.