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A quick connect fitting, also called a quick disconnect or quick release coupling, is a coupling used to provide a fast, make-or-break connection of fluid transfer lines. Operated by han quick connect fittings replace threaded or flanged connections, which require wrenches. When equipped with self-sealing valves, quick .

Mount these quick coupler bodies on the end of a hose or air supply to connect pneumatic equipment in industrial environments. They are suitable for use with pneumatic tools, blowguns, and pneumatic automotive equipment. The automatic safety couplers help ensure good flow and total security due to two-step . Eaton has the ability to work directly with you on a solution.

Contact Eaton to see how our dedicated and experienced design engineering team will work with you to develop a quick disconnect coupling solution. Pneumatic Couplings Selector Chart. Selection of hydraulic and pneumatic quick couplers.

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Brass construction lends itself to use in applications where steel is unsuitable, including use with certain chemicals and gases. Widely used in both stationary and mobile industrial applications. NPTF Coupler Body and Tip. QCT offers high quality, interchangeable, quick disconnect couplings and check valves.

Our couplings offer proven designs that satisfy a wide range of demanding applications. Simply choose from the list below to download full product specifications. Bio, medical and industrial rated.

Find a full line of hydraulic quick disconnects with a meaningful part number that makes coupling identification fast and easy, only at Gates. We offer premium quality quick disconnect couplers in a variety of sizes, body styles, and metals, including flush face and wing nut styles, dust caps, and plugs. Industrial-strength brass quick – coupling valves for convenient water access in potable nd non-potable systems. Rugge red brass construction for long life and reliable performance.

Our HQs are engineered to endure many years of daily use and designed for maximum reliability. With heavy-duty red brass . Easy connection to check the pressure of the hydraulic systems in different parts of the circuit. Designed for Oil hydraulic.