Ractive js

Live, reactive templating. UI library that transforms your templates, styles and logic into blueprints for highly interactive apps. Powerful and extensible.

Components, Two-way binding, scoped CSS, SVG support, animations and much more provided out-of-the-box. And you can easily extend .

Next-generation DOM manipulation. Как утверждает сама команда разработчиков, Ractive. GitHub is where people build software. A clear and straightforward introduction to Ractive.

In this example, code samples are provided and explained. It takes a radically different approach to DOM manipulation – one that saves both you and the browser unnecessary work. Топ ⭐ аргументы в AngularJS vs Ractive JS : 1.

Имеет двустороннюю привязку данных 2. Модели – это простые объекты JavaScript 3. Топ ⭐ аргументы в Ractive JS vs React: 1. Использует движок ( механизм) шаблонов. The one-page guide to Ractive. In this video we will cover all of the basics and fundamentals of the Ractive.

Ractive is a next-generation DOM manipulation library for creating reactive user interfaces, optimised for developer sanity. It was originally developed to create interactive news applications at theguardian. This plugin registers the RactiveJS Framework library as part of WordPress. This means that Ractive scripts can be included in your plugins by just enqueuing the scripts. Please see FAQ for usage for your plugin.

NOTE: This does not add any ability to the wordpress front-end or back-end. Привет В связи с неоднократным упоминанием на форуме Ractive. Components in Ractive are crucial if you want to build a flexible application.

Hopefully this changes in the future with partials living on the data object and various init options accepting functions rather than static objects.

I need to access my object prototype function within the inner function oninit. The below code does work but what I need is to have the same context as self within the init function so I can call the.