Rambutan er en liten frukt med et nært slektskap til litchi. Den er på størrelse med en valnøtt og kommer opprinnelig fra Sørøst-Asia. Den har en søt og mild smak og er rik på C-vitamin og mineraler, spesielt fosfor.

The rambutan is a medium-sized tropical tree in the family Sapindaceae. The name also refers to the edible fruit produced by this tree.

It is closely related to several other edible tropical fruits including the lychee, longan,. Den hårete rambutanfrukten er mil krydret med en frisk og søt smak. Denne frukten er nært beslektet med litchi i både smak og utseende, og ser ut som en hårete utgave. Det læraktige skallet er nemlig dekket av mange bløte torner.

Men ikke la utseendet skremme deg, for på innsiden . The easiest way to eat a rambutan is to cut the outer skin with a sharp knife. Squeeze the outer skin gently until the milky white edible center pops out. Then, cut into the flesh and remove the seed inside.

Scroll down for information on what to do with your leftover rambutans! Lychee martinis have been hitting the scene for a few years now and remain a pretty popular beverage, but there is definitely more to the lychee than meets the eye. The white tropical fruit on its own is juicy and sweet and its two lesser known cousins, the rambutan and the longan are widely popular among . There are other local names in the various dialects of southeast . Exotic fruit of Southeast Asia.

To people of Malaysia, Thailan the Phillippines, Vietnam, Borneo, and other countries of this region, the rambutan is a relatively common fruit the same way an apple is common . I show how to eat a rambutan , an exotic fruit. If rambutan , a fruit indigenous to Indonesia, ever becomes popular, it will probably be known as “hairy fruit. The red fruit is related to the lychee, and looks like a ball of messy, fibrous hair. Inside the somewhat chaotic-looking . Among these are a dizzying array of fruits and vegetables from around the worl including the rambutan.

The fruit resembles lychees, with a thin, leather-like skin and multiple spiky structures sticking out of it, almost exactly like a sea urchin. Find out more about this exotic fruit, including how to choose, cut, and prepare them. Health benefits of rambutan from its main nutrition you don believe it help prevent deadly diseases and good for human body.

Lychee and rambutan are both sweet tasting, tropical fruits that look strikingly similar. Both have white flesh, contain a big seed as their center, and have a red and bumpy outer skin.

But despite their similarities, these fruits are quite different in terms of taste and nutritional profiles. This punky relative of the Lychee has a spiky red shell covering a sweet and juicy grape-like flesh that surrounds an inedible woodsy seed. The aromatic sweet-tart flavor is perfect for desserts or just enjoyed out of hand.