Cannabis ruderalis is a low-THC species of Cannabis which is native to Central and Eastern Europe and Russia. It is widely debated as to whether or not ruderalis is a sub-species of Cannabis sativa. Bufret Lignende Oversett denne siden 4. Have you heard of cannabis ruderalis ? Ruderalis is a type of cannabis strain that comes from Central Asia.

What is cannabis ruderalis , anyway?

We have this herb to thank for auto-flowering strains. Each of these names are used to describe three very . Ruderal species commonly grow by roadsides or on agricultural land that has been left fallow. Deep in the North American woods lurks a recent addition to the marijuana gene pool: Ruderalis hybrids! The forests and fields are coming alive with resinated plants, blasting their way to maturity under the intense light of the summer sun, long before the buzzing of choppers or moldy autumn weather.

Ruderalis has changed the growing game entirely, introducing autoflowering genes into the world of weed. There are three different types of marijuana. Cross breeding different types of marijuana can result in some very potent weed.

Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis. You know about cannabis sativa and cannabis indica, but what about cannabis ruderalis ? These regions have short growing seasons, just months of half decent weather. A detailed description on Cannabis Ruderalis and its unique properties.

Due to the federal illegality of cannabis, no one is truly sure how many species of cannabis there are. However, sativa, indica and ruderalis are typically considered the three main species of cannabis, with top strains of each of these species sometimes combined to create hybrids. One of three major types of cannabis along with sativa and indica, ruderalis has the distinction of developing buds at a very early stage of growth regardless of the light cycle. Consequently, it only ever gets about a foot high.

Although normal ruderalis plants have virtually no THC, there are hybrids that have most of the bud . White Widow, Moby Dick, Bubba . They are originally bred from landraces. Landraces have three distinct forms, depending on where in the world they originate. These three distinct forms are sativa, indica and ruderalis.

This variety is used for the creation of autoflowering strains. Original Strains – Ruderalis. Ruderalis , the third and perhaps least known of the cannabis sativa subspecies.

It is commonly refered to as feral cannabis, as it is most commonly the result of hemp plants that eventually adapted to their environment.

See what people are saying and join the conversation. The Russian botanist, Janischewski, was studying wild Cannabis in the Volga River system and realized he had come upon a third species. Effect, appearance, where they come from etc. Cannabis sativa is the scientific classification for all cannabis plants, but many subspecies of cannabis have been found across the globe.

These plants are well documented and cannabis has shown that it can come in many forms. It is a species that is subject to a vast variety of traits and differences, the . The ruderalis hails from central and southeastern Russia, although it only in poor yields and has a low THC content. We will also discuss the differences between male and female plants, and how that will affect your growing operations.

THERE IS AN ESTIMATED 8known cannabis strains in the worl with new ones created each day through hybridization. With all of this variation, it may be hard to believe that every strain can be traced back to pure “landrace” strains. Landrace is a pure cannabis strain cultivated in its natural .