In English, common names for it include sable (USA), butterfish (USA), black cod (USA, UK, Canada), blue cod (UK), bluefish (UK), candlefish (UK), coal cod (UK), coalfish ( Canada) . It is also called butterfish in reference to its melt-in-your-mouth, oil-rich meat. The oil makes sablefish an excellent species for smoking, a treatment relished by the early Makah . Although commonly called “black co” this deep-sea fish, which can live up to 0feet ( 5metres) below the sea, is not part of the cod family. Sablefish have a dark grayish-green . Anoplopoma fimbria): FARM RAISED.

What kinds of sablefish are healthiest for you and the oceans? Buyers pay a premium for sablefish from Alaska because these fish are larger (5- lbs.) and thus considered to have a higher oil content than smaller sablefish from the U. Some longliners typically bleed and freeze their fish at-sea, resulting in a high-quality product at a higher price. Look for sablefish (gindara in sushi) farmed by Totem Sea Farm Inc. British Columbia, Canada, or caught in Alaska, some U. Although they are sometimes called Black Co they are not a member of the Cod species. Unusually rich and smooth, sablefish , also known as black co pairs perfectly with a miso marinade.

Where to buy sustainable sablefish. This deep-sea fish is found in the Pacific Ocean as far north as the Bering Sea, and as far south as Japan and California.

A recipe for smoking sablefish , also known as black cod. This recipe recreates the style of smoked sable you can get in delis in New York. Also known as Alaska co black cod and butterfish, the sablefish is actually neither a cod nor a butterfish. The white flesh of the sablefish is soft textured and mild-flavored.

Its high fat content makes it an excellent fish for . Contact us today to learn more about all of our products. Many seafood aficionados expound the virtues of smoked black cod. They know which market has the best selection and which menu does their favorite fish the most justice.

And although sablefish does . SABLEFISH COLLECTION: BEST OF THE BEST There is no finer, more exquisite fish than the alaskan sablefish , also known as black cod. General information about Sablefish in Alaska such as description, life history, range, habitat and more. Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Sablefish is best known as smoked sable in New York delis, or smoked black cod in the Pacific Northwest.

In California, they are known most often as butterfish. The reason is simple: Few fish are as silky rich in omega-fats as the sablefish or black cod. Primary Fishing Method: Longline, trawl . Market Name(s): Black co butterfish, sable. Sablefish can be found in deep water sandy bottom habitats throughout the North Pacific ranging as far west as Japan, north to the Bering Sea and south to central Baja California.

Most sablefish captured in Canada are.

Bottomfish Identification: Other Bottomfish. Commonly caught off the Washington coast by commercial harvesters using otter -trawls, jig handline, and longline gear. Juveniles are occasionally caught by recreational harvesters in Puget Soun which is a sablefish nursery. Description: Sablefish.

Sablefish , also known as black cod or butterfish, it is a rich and delicious seafood with pearly white meat.