They are a large bree with the female weighing between 7and 7kg (5to 6lb) and standing 1. They have a thick mahogany red or black coat, and long, lyre-shape light-coloured horns. It is famous for the Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC) cheeses Cantal and Salers. It is also famous for the Salers breed of cattle that originated in this commune.

Salers (French: Le Salers ) is a French semi-hard cheese from the volcanic region in the mountains of Auvergne, central France.

As the topography allowed for little cereal grain production, the Salers cattle were forced to become foragers with bred-in range-ability to utilise, almost entirely, native grasses in summer and hay in winter. They became popular in France over hundreds of years, with some cave paintings even showing similar ancestors from nearly 10years ago! Their roots are in the southern part of the Massif Central, located in the Auvergne region in France.

It is a unique 16C architectural whole and its old houses made of dark lavastone and topped with turrets give the village an austere charm. Among the wealth of treasures to be . Visit Salers – travel guide, places to visit and Salers information and reviews. Welcome to American Salers Association.

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The American Salers Association strives to make the best better. Salers genetics make a difference in your cows and bulls, improving your overall herd. High Performance Salers cattle are recognized for their Impressive traits. Salers , one of the Most Beautiful Villages in France, is known as the black pearl of the Cantal. A wonderfully unspoiled medieval town!

The small medieval town of Salers , built in the 15th century, possesses a beautiful central square. The AOC regulation stipulates that Salers must be made only from the milk of cows that graze on mountain pastures in the summer. Cantal can be made from the milk of other seasons.

Salers is often compared to and confused with Cantal cheese. Its real appellation is Salers from the high mountains. Реальные тренинги и эффективные курсы. Keep up to date with the latest sales, shows and news from the UK.

Le Grand Pays de Salers , pays de pierre et de grands espaces, situé entre Dordogne et Puy-Mary, vous invite à la détente. Ensemble unique du 16ème siècle, ses hôtels particuliers et ses maisons à tourelles en pierre volcanique confèrent au village un charme austère. Parmi les nombreuses richesses patrimoniales de . Currently, the breed is registering over 24head per year and is growing at a phenomenal rate each year. Wales now supplies more members to the Salers Cattle Society than any other of its eight constituent regions, reflecting .