Eit salinometer er ei flytevekt som vert nytta til å finne tettleiken til saltløysingar. Instrumentet vert både nytta i laboratorie og for måling direkte i havet. Salinometer : Salinometer , device used to measure the salinity of a solution.

It is frequently a hydrometer that is specially calibrated to read out the percentage of salt in a solution. How to determine water purity ?

Pure water has a high resistance to the flow of electricity whereas salt water has a high electrical conductivity. A measure of conductivity, in Siemens, is a measure of . Just imagine how would you feel if you take a glass of water to drink and have to spit out due to excess salt. I am scenario on a ship but you can avoid this using a salinometer. Instrument for å bestemme saltinnhold i havvann ved å måle vannets konduktans og temperatur. The electrical supply to the salinometer must be DC.

The potentiometer is provided to give a fixed standard calibration voltage to eliminate errors. Another name for a salinometer is a conductivity meter, as dissolved salt in water will increase its ability to conduct electricity at measurable levels.

A salinometer is a machine that is capable of measuring the table salt (NaCl) content, known assalinity, of a solution. Equipment to measure the salt quantity of water is widely . SALINOMETER REGULARLY EX-STOCK AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY. Define salinometer : an instrument (such as a hydrometer) for measuring the amount of salt in a solution. An instrument which measures and indicates the amount of sodium chloride, expressed in parts per million, in a given sample of water.

Electrical conductivity is the usual means of measurement. The Autosal employs a unique continuous flow system, where the sample water is drawn under low air pressure from the original sample bottle. A high stability temperature control bath. The condensate or product, if of acceptable quality, is delivered to the appropriate tanks by the distilled water pump.

Quality is continuously tested by the salinometer both at start up and during operation. If the device registers an excess of salinity it will . The first apparatus of this kind was constructed by the U. Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. HOUTMAN, New Zealand Oceanographic Institute, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Wellington.

An instrument designed primarily for the field measurement of the salinity of estuarine water by . English dictionary definition of salinometer. An instrument that uses electrical conductivity to measure the concentration of salt in a solution.