Salmo trutta

Dorging og trolling etter ørret er populært på større innsjøer, der slikt er tillatt. Likeledes er det populært å otre etter ørret der hvor . While previously considered a distinct subspecies or even species, it is currently not considered to be taxonomically different from other ecological or migratory forms of the brown trout, i. Taxonomic Notes: Genetic data indicate that S. Mediterranean, the Black Sea (at least in upper Danube drainage) and the Caspian Sea (at least in upper Volga drainage).

The present published data do not always enable to identify the. Europe and Asia: Atlantic, North, White and Baltic Sea basins, from Spain to Chosha Bay (Russia). Found in Iceland and northernmost rivers of Great Britain and Scandinavia. In Rhône drainage, native only to Lake Geneva basin, which it entered after last glaciation. Native to upper Danube and Volga drainages.

Aure forekommer i forskjellige former og farger alt etter levested og ytre miljøpåvirkninger. Den havvandrende formen (sjøaure) blir ofte forvekslet med laks, men kan skilles på den litt lubnere kroppen og et større antall mørke flekker, særlig under sidelinjen.

Erfarne sjøaurefiskere kjenner sjøauren igjen på den forholdsvis . The anal fin has a maximum of rays, which distinguishes the brown trout from all Pacific salmon. Sea-going brown trout (sea trout) and salmon , and lake brown trout and landlocked salmon are all fairly similar. The northern range boundary includes Iceland , Scandanavia and Russia. The Pacific ocean marks the western boundary.

The southern boundary is the coastline on the Mediterranean Sea including the . Photo: media Commons, Eric Engbretson for U. Fish and Wildlife Service. Sea trout is the anadromous morph . Its colouration is variable with age and habitat. It is usually silvery or olive with dark spots on the sides of the . The belly is a creamy yellowish-white. Juveniles and immature adults can be distinguished as they have bluish-grey spots, and adult males have . Checklist of Vertebrates of the United States, the U. Territories, and Canada.

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Salmo trutta morpha trutta.