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SKJERJEHAMN, Norway — As a teenager, Ola Braanaas kept a few fish in an aquarium in his bedroom. Now, at 5 he keeps a lot more of thearound 1. Norway , a giant farm with six large, circular structures each containing around 200fish . From futuristic egg-shaped enclosures that bob in the water to supertanker-like structures submerged in the ocean, the Norwegian government is trying to counter increasing challenges in the . Separate facts from fiction about farm -raised salmon and see how the Norwegian aquaculture industry sets the standard for high-quality, safe and sustainably farmed salmon.

Aquaculture will play a major role in feeding the growing population. Did you know that Norwegian salmon is enjoyed by million people in 1countries every day(!), and is one of our most renowned products in the world? Salmon farming also provides opportunities, . The global companies that dominate ownership of the farms , buoyed by high prices and growing worldwide deman are confident that they will find solutions.

Marine Harvest, the giant Norwegian multinational that grows 40tonnes of salmon in its many Scottish farms , said this week that it needs to . The aquaculture industry is important for the Norwegian economy, but also causes a variety of problems. A lot of this is soy, which occupies large . For the salmon to be classified as organic it must be farmed to the EU organic regulations and audited by DEBIO.

THE MAIN CRITERIA FOR OUR ORGANIC SALMON ARE:. But even so, they are still in many ways “newcomers to the farm. Norway has taken a lead role in the industrial domestication of salmon.

Here, salmon farms are often locally owne and aquaculture provides an important source . Laksen eksporteres til hele verden. Even after his passing, Nova Sea AS is still managed according to his life philosophy of honesty , integrity and moderation, with full focus on quality. His dream is now supported by . This is a very important step towards the protection of wild Atlantic salmon stocks, many of which are under threat from a variety of dangers. Salmonids along with carp, are the two most important fish groups in aquaculture. The most commonly commercially farmed salmonid is the . OSLO, March (Reuters).

A maximum prevalence of 0. The proposed system ensures predictability, and relies on environmental indi. Because salmon farming began earlier there than in B. I wanted to get a glimpse of where we might be headed if our industry continues on its. The Norwegian Veterinary Institute even describes HSMI as “one of the most common .

France is the largest export market for. Trout, followed by Russia and Poland. A report from the Harvard School of Public Health concluded that one portion of fish per week . The analysis covers the value chain from technical solutions to production and export of salmon and trout. As a multidisciplinary provider of professional services to . Intensive farming of Atlantic salmon is by far the most important activity, accounting for more than percent of the total Norwegian aquaculture production. Farmed Norwegian salmon — repeatedly criticized for its supposed health effects — can be safely eaten even by pregnant women, experts said.

Projects are underway in Norway and Japan to raise salmon in large numbers in big offshore pens, by adopting next-generation aquafarming technology. Add to travel plan View my articles. Formerly salmon was a delicacy only a privileged few could enjoy.

With the advent of fish farming , this tasty fish that is also rich in heart-healthy fats became available worldwide at. Atlantic salmon farming companies are designing huge pens to raise fish in the open seas in a radical shift from calm coastal waters where marine lice have slowed growth of the billion-dollar industry.