Rock samphire , Crithmum maritimum is a coastal species with white flowers that grows in the United Kingdom. This is probably the species mentioned by Shakespeare in King Lear. Golden samphire , Limbarda . Though there are two types of samphire – marsh and rock – only marsh samphire is widely available.

It has a crisp texture and tastes of the.

Favoured by chefs for its salty yet fresh flavour, it adds bite to restaurant dishes and is abundant in the UK. Not to be confused with marsh samphire , . There are two types: rock samphire and marsh samphire , the latter of which is more widely available. Samphire is a bright green sea vegetable with a salty taste.

Not knowing what is was, I asked to try it. Norfolk, not where I lived). Even if not actively suspicious about its looks and origins, it is doubtful .

Other benefits include good sleep, and improved circulation. Define samphire : a fleshy European seacoast plant (Crithmum maritimum) of the carrot family that is sometimes pickled. It is also, of course, a really fashionable vegetable, dished up in fine restaurants all over the country.

One of several salt-tolerant plants, some edible. The marsh samphire , glasswort, genus Salicornia, a plant once burned to produce ash used to make soda glass. The rock samphire , Crithmum maritimum. The golden samphire , Inula crithmoides.

Borrichia arborescens of the West Indies. Fresh, Locally sourced Food. Serving fresh locally sourced ingredients and classic cocktails, all in an extravagant atmosphere. June, July and August are the months to forage for marsh samphire , not to be mistaken for rock samphire , which grows on rocks on land and tastes completely different, I am told. Marsh samphire can be found in abundance in salt marshes and tidal mud flats on the British coast.

Our aim is for the produce to get from the gate to the plate as quickly . Its bright green stalks resemble asparagus spears, hence one of its alternative names – sea asparagus. It is also known as glasswort, as samphire ash was once used in glass-making.

At home samphire can be grown in . And samphire is everything that food fashionistas hold . I have a love-hate relationship with marsh samphire. Mostly its love – the wide open seascapes where it thrives, its odd cactus-like appearance and its wonderful salty-fresh succulence. Even the silty, squelchy estuarine habitat where it grows has a “mud-glorious-mud” gooeyness that appeals to the filthy schoolboy in me.

A celebration of seasonal samphire , this speedy salad matches the sea vegetable with creamy, zesty crab, sweet peas, fragrant broad beans and fresh rocket.