Shower or grower

Most males grow to an extended length after a rush of blood enters the penis. This person is a GROWER. These males are as long as they are gonna get, either stiff, or soft like a bunny.

They are known as SHOWERS , as they show their goods in the beginning. Samboeren min og jeg kom inn på dette med grower og shower.

Han har grower og skulle selv ønske han hadde shower. Mens jeg liker grower best og forstår ikke. Shower pikk eller grower pikk innlegg 28. Flere resultater fra forum. Bufret Lignende Oversett denne siden 18.

We break down hard (hah!) facts about the size of the male love muscle! A scientific explanation as to why some men are growers and why some are showers.

Showers ” are the same size flaccid or erect. Do you prefer a penis to grow a lot when getting erect or staying about the same? LOL, that’s a term usually reserved for the male reproductive organ. Some men are not very big. Erect male penises fall within a range of from inch to perhaps inches in extreme cases but in general the average male penis is about inches long when erect, give or take.

Do the majority of females know the difference. Are you a grower or a shower? You have a beer bottle down there? Most of you bastards are lying though. But somewhere inbetween.

Submit your Ask A Babe questions here! The measurements of 15men aged over 1 were compiled from studies. The researchers calculated that the average (erect) penis length was 13.

And therefore I do not have a penis nor will I ever understand the trials and tribulations associated with having a protruding love muscle instead of a cock socket. What is the difference between a shower and a grower ? Let us walk you through it.

You may think having a guy who is a shower is the best. Read on for why the man you really want is a grower not a shower.